Revisiting The Southwest

We made a quick trip to the Southwest to revisit some locations in Utah and Arizona. On my first trip to Canyonlands National Park several years ago, there was only one day with the sky clear enough to photograph Mesa Arch. If the rising sun is not blocked by clouds, the light reflects off the wall beneath the arch lighting up the bottom side.

On my previous trip, I did not know that getting there 90 minutes before sunrise was not early enough to get one of the few good spots to capture the sunburst from and we missed out. This time we arrived at 4:30am for the 7am sunrise and although we were the second to arrive we got a good spot. I can finally check this one off the list!

The close-up image shows the formation in the distance known as Washer Woman, as it resembles a woman leaning over a rock as if she is washing clothes. I suppose to be politically correct there will be a movement to rename the formation to Washer Person. Uhg!

With the main mission accomplished, we headed down to Sedona, Arizona. This is truly the land of the red rocks. My primary goal here was to photograph the formation know as Cathedral Rocks and capture its reflection in Oak Creek. There was enough breeze to keep moving the water and blurring the reflection, driving me nuts. Finally, just before we lost the setting sun to the cloud bank on the horizon the breeze gave us a short reprieve, just long enough to get a decent reflection. Yay! Mission number two accomplished.

Weather prevented us from our third goal but the landscape isn’t going anywhere so we’ll get that one next time.

Utah, Canyonlands, National Park, mesa arch, sunrise
Mesa Sunrise : Prints Available
Utah, Canyonlands, National Park, mesa arch, washer woman
The Washer Woman : Prints Available
Arizona, Sedona, Red Rock, Cathedral Rock, Reflection, Oak Creek
Cathedral Reflections : Prints Available