The Oregon Coast

We arrived in Portland on a Wednesday knowing that a storm would be hitting the coast on Saturday. We took a day to photograph the Japanese Maple Tree in Portland that is probably photographed way too much, but we just had to do it too.

With the storm on the way, we headed down to the central coast a day early. Thor’s Well is this amazing hole in the coastal rocks that the ocean rises up and explodes out of and then is sucked back down into. If you fell in the hole, you would be a gonner. Of course, I just had to get there and photograph it.

The storm arrived with 45mph winds and all we could do was sit in the car and watch the wind blow. The following day brought us fantastic conditions with rough seas surrounding Thor’s Well, which is what made the photographs stand out. We got a little wet from the occasional large wave, but it was more than worth it.

The wide beaches of Oregon are some of the best I have ever seen to capture the reflection of sunrise or sunset colors. Needless, to say, we spent some time on the beach.

Oregon, Portland, Maple, Tree, Fall, Color
The Maple Tree : Prints Available
Oregon, Cape Perpetua, Thors Well, Storm, Wave
The Well And The Waves : Prints Available
Oregon, Cape Perpetua, Thors Well, Storm
Well After The Storm : Prints Available
Oregon, Pacific, Coast, Waldport, Sunrise
Stormy Sunrise : Prints Available