Brooks Range Alaska Aurora

We photographed the aurora in and around Fairbanks in March of 2012 and 2013, and as fun as that was, I wanted to go further north where we would have the incredible mountains of the Brooks Range as our backgrounds. I returned this year with my good friend Jess Lee and we drove a small group in two vehicles up to Wiseman, Alaska.

Photographing the aurora is always a risk with the weather and it is a long way from Miami to get there. It was worth it. We had a fun night photographing near Fairbanks by a frozen river before heading north the next day. We stayed out late after a 7 hour drive north and were just about to pack it in around 2am when the aurora went nuts. Patience does pay off. Clouds and snow prevented us from seeing aurora activity in the following nights, but we had already been well rewarded.

Alaska, Northern Lights
Full Moon Aurora : Prints Available