Arches National Park

I headed to Arches National Park in early November to meet up with my good friend Jess Lee, with the main goal of doing some light painting of some of the arches at night. This time of the year can often provide clear skies, which is great for having the stars show up in the photographs.

I had done a little of this sort of thing before, but nowhere near what we were attempting this time. Our first attempt didn’t work out too well. Then, the storms moved in and we lost the clear skies we needed.

Our primary target was Double Arch, my favorite arch in the park. We finally got a night of clear weather, made some significant changes in the way were lighting up the arch and were quite pleased with our results. The second night, I went back to get a photo looking overhead in Double Arch. This was also high on my list.

There isn’t much to photograph in the park when the sky is clear, but in November the sun rises behind Balanced Rock, and I just had to capture the sunrise there.

That was about it for this expedition. Up next is Arizona in early December where we will work in the Superstition Mountains, the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and maybe somewhere else depending on weather.

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Utah, Arches, National Park, double arch, milky way
Two If By Night : Prints Available
Utah, Arches, National Park, double arch, night
Above : Prints Available
Utah, Arches, National Park, balanced rock, sunrise, sunburst
Sunburst : Prints Available