California Coast

Kelly and I headed to the coast to photograph a number of locations from San Francisco down to the Big Sur area. Our first effort was the lighthouse at Pigeon Point, and the sunset was just fantastic. Kelly really nailed that one.

Continuing south, El Nino was kicking up the weather with lots of rain and wind. While this was great for helping California with their drought, it wasn’t exactly what we expected.

As the saying goes, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. So, with the high winds and surf, we searched for the best locations to capture some of the dramatic scenes it was presenting.

On one particular day, it seemed like it was never going to stop raining. We were sitting in the hotel watching it rain and then, an hour before sunset, the clouds began to break up. We grabbed our gear and headed to a location we had picked out at Soberanes Point. The sun peaked out for just a moment resulting in an amazing sunset. This is one of the better photographs I have ever taken.

Before leaving, we stopped for a sunset opportunity at Muir Beach, but were convinced it was just going to be cloudy and nothing was going to happen. Once again, the clouds broke for five minutes, the clouds began to swirl and we captured something pretty special.

I had brought a large 500mm lens hoping to have a chance to shoot down some of the waves as they crested. I was absolutely thrilled to have been able to capture some excellent images.

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Next up is Yosemite National Park in February and I’m hoping that the increased snow this year from El Nino will provide us some excellent winter images. Stay tuned.

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