Patagonia is an area at the southern tip of South America. It is comprised of two large national parks and has some incredible mountains. Being in the southern hemisphere, it is the fall season in April. This is a great time to go there, with cool weather, some fall color and the summer crowds are gone.

For a variety of logistical reasons, it is best to go with a photography group. This was my first trip there and it didn’t take long to realize that the group deal was the right decision. I departed Miami on a 9 hour night flight to Buenos Aires, followed by a 3 hour morning flight to El Calafate, Argentina to meet up with the group. We had a group of 12 photographers plus two guides and a great bus driver.

The next day, we headed out to our first location, the Perito Moreno Glacier. I have been to and photographed quite a few glaciers, from Alaska to Norway, but have never seen one this clean from dirt and debris. We were there all day, but the good light on the face of the glacier came in the late afternoon. The large area of floating ice in front is from a part of the glacier that calved (fell off).

Argentina, Patagonia, Perito Moreno, Glacier
Glacier Glow : Prints Available

Our next destination was the small town of El Chalten, about 3 hours to the northwest of El Calafate. Just outside of town is the famous mountain known as Fitz Roy. Our morning at the canyon, we had a clear sky with the sun rising behind us. This gave us the pinkish-orange glow behind the mountain just prior to the sun rising. This trip was a year in the making and it was truly exciting to be standing there.

Argentina, Patagonia, Fitz-Roy, Sunrise
Before The Sunrise : Prints Available

From El Chalten, we also made the 4km hike up to Laguna Capri. I was told it was a 1,200 foot vertical climb and it seemed like every bit of it during the two hours it took me to hike up there. We started out in the dark two and a half hours before sunrise so we could catch early light on the mountain. Unfortunately, the mountain was covered by clouds, which took another 3 hours to clear away enough to photograph. They didn’t stay away long, but the wind subsided at the same time to give us reflections. It was a hard day, but all’s well that ends well.

Argentina, Patagonia, Fitz-Roy, Laguna Capri
Bright Morning : Prints Available

While in El Chalten, we had an afternoon trip to another angle of Fitz Roy. Although it’s not the typical angle, this mountain just doesn’t take a bad picture.

Argentina, Patagonia, Fitz-Roy
Another View : Prints Available

We left El Chalten and headed back south, past El Calafate, crossed the border into Chile and on to Torres del Paine National Park. It was about a nine hour trip on our bus, but I knew it was going to be worth it. Whereas Argentina had somewhat of a brown desert look, like Arizona, Torres del Paine had much more greenery with wonderful rolling hills. The iconic mountain in the park is Cuerno Principal (Main Horn), distinguished by its jagged horn-like peak.

Chile, Patagonia, Torres del Paine, mountain, Storm
Stormy Peaks : Prints Available

My main goal was to photograph it from below the river. It is so rare that you can photograph jagged mountain peaks from rivers or lakes that are so close to them. The rapids and cascades are a perfect compliment. Nearby, there were other options with the rolling hills.

Chile, Patagonia, Torres del Paine
Sunrise Cascades : Prints Available
Chile, Patagonia, Torres del Paine
Former Life : Prints Available

We also headed out before dawn to a lake at the north end of the park to shoot the mountains with the three iconic towers that are to the right. The wind picked up and prevented us from getting the reflection, but this was more than made up for by the cool lenticular-like pink clouds over the mountains.

Chile, Patagonia, Torres del Paine, Lake, Mountain, Sunrise
Morning Glory : Prints Available

Our other good morning, we went before dawn to an area with lakes called Nordenskjold. The morning wasn’t looking great, but with a little patience it delivered what might be my favorite image of the trip.

Chile, Patagonia, Torres del Paine, Lake, Sunrise
Morning At The Lake : Prints Available

It was another long day on the bus to get back to El Calafate and two long flights again to get back to Miami. This was one of those photographic bucket list trips. I have a few more of those yet to do, so I don’t know if I will make it back to Patagonia. Even if I don’t , I couldn’t have been more pleased with how this one worked out.

Next up are the rhododendrons near Roan Mountain in North Carolina and Tennessee in mid-June. These flowers make for great foregrounds for sunrise and sunset.

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Eastern Sierra Winter

There are many photographic possibilities in the Eastern Sierra Mountains of California. We arrived right when the big winter storms where hitting the mountains. We really didn’t know if this unusual weather was going to help our hurt our efforts.

We were based in Bishop, California. Initially, the blowing rain and snow limited the locations we would go to. The weather began to clear, but we still couldn’t go to some of the locations to the north because of heavy snow on the roads. Fortunately, there are some beautiful mountains to the south of Bishop near the town of Lone Pine.

The sunrises and sunsets were fairly spectacular because of the clouds from the storm system. Even though it was winter, there was still substantial color to be found within the various foliage, especially when it was being lighted by the warm early morning sun.

California, Eastern Sierra, Winter. Mountain, Sunset
Winter Colors : Prints Available
California, Eastern Sierra, Winter, Sunset, Mountain
Sunset Glow : Prints Available
California, Eastern Sierra, Winter, Sunrise, Mountain
Sunrise Peak : Prints Available
California, Eastern Sierra, Winter, Sunset, Mountain
Sierra Sunset : Prints Available
California, Eastern Sierra, Winter, Sunrise
Sierra Sunrise : Prints Available
First Light : Prints Available
Cottonwood Colors : Prints Available

We also went down to Death Valley. Much of what we wanted to do there wasn’t possible because of flooding there due to rare heavy rain. As we left Death Valley and headed back to Bishop, we saw a crazy cloud formation over Eureka Dunes. The contrast of the warm sand and the cool sky was simply striking.

California, Death Valley, Eureka, Dunes, Clouds, Storm
Desert Contrasts : Prints Available

Next up in March is an expedition to Alaska to photograph the Northern Lights in the central part of the state and eagles down south near the town of Homer. As always, you can follow our journey on our Facebook page at

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Fall In The Georgia Mountains

There are a variety of options in late October for fall color. This year, I was visiting with family in North Georgia, but I knew there were some opportunities there. I did my usual research in advance, made notes of my main targets and headed out.

I was pleased to see how much color there was in some of the locations. I don’t often shoot a scene with a road in it, but the paving was new, dark, wet and begging to be included. So, I obliged.

Georgia, Chatahoochee, Fall Color, Fall, Mountain, Road
Fall Road : Prints Available

As with anywhere, you have no idea if you are going to have any decent color in the sky at sunrise or sunset. Over the years I have done this, I would say it is about 20% of the time something good happens. This is making the 5am and early alarms harder to get up for. We did manage two good sunrises and one good sunset.

Georgia, Mountain, Fall, Sunset, Chattahoochee
As The Sun Sets : Prints Available
Georgia, Mountain, Sunrise, Fall
Georgia Sunrise : Prints Available
Georgia, Chatahoochee, Mountain, Sunrise
Chatahoochee Sunrise : Prints Available

Pretty much anywhere in mountain areas, there are going to be waterfalls. The first one, Brasstown Falls, required hiking a remote trail and then sliding down a steep, wet, muddy embankment on one’s rear end while carrying the gear. Clothes had to be washed, but it was well worth it.

South Carolina, Brasstown Falls, Waterfall
Georgia Cascade : Prints Available

The other waterfall doesn’t have an official name and is located at the end of a long dirt road along Dick’s Creek. The first morning, to my surprise, several guys and their large dog were there fishing off the rocks on the side and I just couldn’t get a good image without them or their dog in it.. I got there maybe 30 minutes after sunrise, which I guess was too late. The next morning, I got there before sunrise and beat them to it. It’s amazing who you can run into when you least expect it.

Georgia, Dicks Creek, Dicks Creek Falls, Waterfall
Streaks And Swirls : Prints Available

Next up in November are the South Georgia swamps, where the cypress trees should be displaying their fall colors. I’ve got my locations well planned, and just hope I don’t have to compete again with guys fishing.

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Utah and Colorado Fall Color

Utah and the Wasatch Mountains were the main target for western fall color this year, because different from Colorado, in Utah some of the leaves turn red in addition to yellow. Mark, from my office, came with me and did a fantastic job handling the driving. The weather didn’t cooperate enough to give us a wide angle view of mountains with red foliage, but we did have some success finding some really nice settings with fantastic colors.

Utah, Wasatch, Mountain, Fall, Color, Aspen, Tree
Pink Splendor : Prints Available
Utah, Wasatch, Mountain, Fall, Color, Aspen, Tree
Utah Colors : Prints Available
Colorado, Aspen, Trees, Fall, Color, Crested Butte
Fall Ferns : Prints Available
Utah, Wasatch, Mountains, Aspen, Trees, Fall, Color
Utah Aspens : Prints Available

Part of our plan was to take a few days over in Colorado and photograph a couple of my favorite locations there. Near Aspen is Maroone Lake, known for its reflection of the mountains in the lake. We had to get there 2 hours before sunrise to get a good spot because well over 100 photographers will show up there each morning during the fall.

Colorado, Maroon Lake, Maroon Bells, Sunrise, Fall, Aspen
Sunrise At Maroon Lake : Prints Available

Another location near Aspen is the view of Capitol Peak. The last part of the long dirt road to get there is an extremely rough section that requires a high clearance 4-wheel drive vehicle and some good experience navigating it. Our rental F150 4×4 did the trick, although it was a little more exciting at a few spots than we wanted. But in the end, it was worth it.

Colorado, Aspen, Fall, Color, Capitol Peak
Capitol View : Prints Available

The color in Colorado was the best it has been in years. The view at McClure Pass was a prime example. Last year, it was half green and half bare. What a difference a year makes!

We also headed down to the aspen grove near Crested Butte. Nothing says fall in the western United States like the yellow aspen trees. The trick is finding some settings with some nice undergrowth with color.

Colorado, Crested Butte, Aspen, Trees, Fall, Color
Aspen Burst : Prints Available
Colorado, Aspen, Trees, Fall, Color, Crested Butte
A Little Backlighting : Prints Available
Colorado, Aspen, Trees, Fall, Color
Morning Aspens : Prints Available

We drove over 2,500 miles scouting for locations, and while the days were long, we still had a lot of fun. I have a feeling I’ll be back there next year.

Next up is October fall color in North Georgia. Will report on it as soon as I can.

Summer On The Maine Coast

In August, the sun rises and sets in Maine from the best locations. The other issue on the coast is the tides. You really want to be there when the tide is close to high at sunrise and sunset to avoid the look of low tide, which is not that attractive.

So, with the timing figured out, it was off to Maine. I have been wanting to photograph the very picturesque Portland Head Light for several years. I stayed in Portland for five days just to be sure I got the sky that I wanted and it worked out great. One day at a location is just not going to get you the best results. It can be a little boring, but that’s just the way it goes.

I spent the other half of my time four hours north at Acadia National Park. I had been there a couple of times before, but did not get the results I was looking for on Cadillac Mountain or at the Bass Harbor Lighthouse. In between, I was able to capture some nice images at the Cobblestone Bridge.

Success feels good in any form, and this was no exception. Next up will be the Wasatch Mountains at the end of September for fall colors and mountain vistas. I haven’t been there before and look forward to some serious exploration of the area. I may even sneak in a special side trip.

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Maine, Portland, Portland Head, Lighthouse, sunset
Sunset At The Light : Prints Available
maine, acadia, bar harbor, Cadillac mountain, sunrise
Mountaintop Sunrise : Prints Available
maine, acadia, sunset, bass harbor, lighthouse
Harbor Light : Prints Available
maine, acadia, trail, trees, steps, fog
Steps On The Trail : Prints Available
maine, acadia, cobblestone, bridge
Boulders And Stones : Prints Available
maine, acadia, cobblestone, bridge
Side Glance : Prints Available