The Best Acadia National Park Photography Locations

Guide to the Top Photo Spots in Acadia National Park

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From personal experience, these locations in Acadia National Park are the best for landscape photography. I also offer my thoughts on when are the best times of the year to be there to capture the best possible photographs.

There are other locations along the Maine coast consisting of lighthouses and boat harbors and all are great photographic subjects, which should be included in your efforts if you have the time. Acadia National Park has all of this and more in one stunning location.

Top 6 Acadia Photo Locations

1. Thunder Hole

When the swells of the Atlantic Ocean are up, maybe due to a storm offshore, the water converges into Thunder Hole and the result is an amazing explosion of water. The best time to be there is early morning with the sun rising behind you. By all means, do not put yourself or others in danger by being too close.

2 Bass Harbor Lighthouse

The lighthouse is at the southwest corner of Mount Desert Island, There are some wooden stairs down to the rocks. I find it best to shoot at sunset, with the sun setting behind the lighthouse providing a nice sunset background. Find a comfortable place on the rocks and use them for the foreground.

3. Cadillac Mountain

The large rocky area at the top of Cadillac Mountain provides a great foreground for a sunrise photograph of Bar Harbor. It can be crowded, so arrive early. For sunsets, there are some nice areas along the road just before you get to the top of Cadillac Mountain that provides stunning views to the west.

4. The Coast

What makes the Maine Coast in Acadia National Park so different is the large rectangular boulders along the coast on each side of Thunder Hole. The key to photographing the coast here, like about anywhere, is timing your visit to be there at high tide at sunrise or sunset. My preference for this section of the coast has always been sunrise.

5. Jordan Pond

It's called a pond, but its a pretty big lake in my opinion. Anyway, right after the sun rises the rocks in Jordan Pond and the hills on the north side light up nicely. Early morning is best as parking is available at the Jordan Pond House restaurant. It's a short walk down a paved trail to the south end of the pond where there are many compositions to choose from.

6. Other Locations in Acadia National Park

Many other locations make for great photography, including but not limited to, Cobblestone Bridge, Sand Beach, Bar Harbor, Southwest Harbor, Jessup Path, Asticou Gardens, Monument Cove, Somesville Footbridge, Little Hunters Beach, Stone Bridge, and the Schoodic Peninsula. It's just a matter of the time you have available.

Best Times To Be At Acadia National Park

From my experience, May through October is the best part of the year to be in Acadia National Park. Always check with the Park website for road closures and entrance limitations that could be in effect, The Spring can be best for water flowing in the rivers and creeks. The Fall is a great time for autumn colors and the angle that the sun sets over the ocean.

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