How To Preview A Fine Art Photography Print In Your Room

See How the Size and Style Will Look In Your Home or Office

Fine Art Photographic Prints are expensive no matter who you purchase them from. It can be difficult to determine which photo is best for a room and what the right size is for a particular situation. If you’re like me, at some point in your life you cut up newspaper and taped it to the wall trying to figure out the size of artwork for a wall. There is a better answer in today’s digital world.

The Room Preview Photo Option

I offer a much better way to visualize how artwork may look in a room in your home or office. It's really a simple process. You send me a photo of the room space and wall where the artwork is going to go and I insert the photo(s) you are considering properly scaled to fit the space and send it back to you to look at. This is how we make your Fine Art Landscape Photography print looks its very best.

Send Me a Photo of the Room

The key to making this work is your giving me some dimensions of the space so I can scale the artwork accordingly. It’s just a matter of giving me some measurements of the width of the wall, the table, the sofa where the artwork is going to be placed. This is demonstrated in the photo below.

What You Will Get Back

I will create photos with the artwork placed in the photo to scale. This is extremely helpful in deciding which photograph and the size of artwork to purchase. More often than not, a larger size looks better than what you might have originally been considering.

This is not just about size. You may be thinking about a couple of different photographs and are not sure which one will work best with the colors or other features of the room. We can provide some options there, as well.

A photo from your phone will work just fine. Be sure to photograph the wall straight on and include some of the furniture in the photo. Email it to me at along with some measurements and I’ll get right to work on it, assuming I’m not out in the middle of nowhere photographing.

It can be a fun process and I look forward to helping you in any way that I can.