How to Choose Fine Art Photography For Your Home

"Another World", Canadian Rockies

Navigating Print Styles, Colors, Size and Lighting Options

The purchase of any artwork for your home or office is never an easy decision. There are many things to consider and I would like to provide you with as much information as I can to help you through the process. I understand these decisions are highly personal and I am available to answer any questions you may have.

I am not an interior design expert. If you are unsure of anything relating to purchasing artwork and have access to a local interior decorator or design expert, I would highly recommend consulting with them in advance of your purchase. The next best thing is the many online articles and guides that are available today. I will reference a few of them below.

Considerations When Choosing A Fine Art Print

Many people choose a fine art print because of a connection to a location or scene. Perhaps they lived nearby or had a very special experience there and they want something to remember it by. With our large selection of fine art prints from many locations, it is easily possible that there could be more than one to decide between.

Of course, it is perfectly fine to purchase artwork simply because you feel it will be a striking addition to your home or office. Maybe it is a location you would like to go to someday or even just the colors you find attractive. Art is always subjective and if you like it, you like it.

The next decision is the style of print. I have been most impressed with the Lumachrome® HD Acrylic Print using TruLife® Acrylic because of the way the TruLife® Acrylic eliminates glare. Nothing is more frustrating than having a beautiful print on the wall that you can barely see because it is reflecting what is outside a nearby window. Please review our Print Options page for more information on the styles of prints.

Consider Matching Colors In The Room

This decision is subjective and there is not a set answer. The world outside may have scenes with muted earth tones, like in the desert areas. There may be deep greens in the forests, blue skies or colorful trees and flowers. The world outside is a beautiful place. It is our opinion that any of our landscape photos would look great in any room in your home. There could be some rare cases where colors might conflict, but that is probably unlikely.

Matching colors may provide a more soothing and restful feel. The bedroom below is an example of this.

"Pursuit of the Panther", Washington State

On the other hand, a colorful image can add a certain amount of “pop” and be a wonderful focal point for the room. The living room with the fine art print of the Colorado mountains is an example of this possibility.

"Perfect Timing", Southwest Colorado

In the following example, some of the Magenta tones in the landscape photo from Grand Teton National Park are complimented by the pillows on the sofa.

"Soft Morning", Grand Teton National Park

What Is The Right Size To Purchase?

I can't recall how many times in my life I just winged it and hung artwork on the wall only to readily see that I obviously put it in the wrong place. Fortunately, today we have many online references and guides to help us through the process if we are not using an interior design specialist.

Fine Art Prints are expensive and realizing after you hang them on the wall you should have purchased a larger size can be an expensive lesson to learn. Yes, the cost is a factor, but properly filling the wall space is important. The following two articles provide some valuable information to get you started.

The following examples give you an idea of the issue.

Sometimes the wall space calls for a panoramic print, maybe something with a 2:1 ratio or even a 5:2 ratio like below.

"Mesa Arch Sunrise", Canyonlands National Park

Hanging It On The Wall

Where to hang your artwork on the wall can always be a little bit of a struggle. Every time I hang something, I feel like I'm all over the place on how high to hang it above the floor or pieces of furniture. Once again, there are some excellent online articles and guides available if you are not working with an interior design expert. The ones mentioned previously address this issue as well.

"Srunning Sunrise", Folly Beach, South Carolina
"Koosah Blue", McKenzie River, Oregon

Thoughts About Lighting

We all want our Fine Art Prints to look their very best. The nature of Lumachrome® HD Acrylic Print using TruLife® Acrylic prints, Metal Prints and the Fuji Crystal Archive Prints is that they come alive with a certain brilliance when light is applied to them.

If you're like me, you may not have track lighting or recessed ceiling lights to provide the perfect lighting. Many of us have to rely on the natural light coming in through the windows or other room lighting. This doesn't mean your prints cannot have an impact, just not as much as if special lighting is applied.

The next best thing to special lighting is a well-lit room from indirect sunlight. The TruLife® Acrylic does an amazing job of reducing what glare there is while the metallic nature of the printing surface uses the natural light to reflect the details of the print. Direct sunlight is always a no-no, as it causes glare, and reflections and can eventually reduce the vibrancy of the print.

A local lighting or interior design expert can be of great service when deciding on lighting for your artwork. If this is not an option or you want to go it alone, there are excellent online guides available that discuss the type of lights (LED, Incandescent, Halogen, etc.), lighting angles and color temperature. The following are links to a couple of these guides.

Of course, you should use the services of a qualified electrician to install lighting.

I'm Here To Help

I'm here to help in any way I can with the purchase of a Fine Art Landscape or Fine Art Wildlife print. If you have any questions regarding any of my prints, from size options to the location shot or anything else, just Contact Me with your questions. If I'm not out in the middle of nowhere, I'll get right back to you.

I sincerely appreciate your considering a purchase from my collection.