Guide To Available Fine Art Photography Print Options

Choose a Print Style with Confidence

Answering the Challenge of Online Shopping

Shopping online for art and other items that you would like to be able to see in person is not always easy.

Physical art galleries are great to be able to visit, but they generally lack the space to display a wide variety and they have to charge considerably more to cover overhead. Online stores are a great alternative and will continue to be the source of a large percentage of art sales for the foreseeable future.

I understand how you could be a little nervous about buying art online. First, I want to help by providing you with as much information as I can about the styles available in my prints.

Second, my goal is to provide the very best in fine art landscape wildlife prints using the most advanced printing processes and the highest quality materials. I have sought out the best fine art printers in the United States to print your artwork. I can print artwork larger than the sizes shown in the drop-down boxes. Custom sizes are not a problem.

Third, if your print arrives damaged, you can rest assured it will be replaced. If you have any concerns about purchasing a print, please contact me.

Offered With And Without Custom Frames

The vast majority of prints that I sell today are either the Lumachrome® HD Acrylic Print using TruLife® acrylic or the Exhibit Mounted Chromaluxe® Metal Print. However, I can provide the Acrylic print using the beautiful Roma Moulding frames as described and shown below and on my Custom Framing page.

Multi-Panel Super Wide Prints

Single panel prints are limited to 96 inches wide for metal prints and 120 inches wide for acrylic prints. Using a multi-panel approach prints up to 20 feel wide (144 inches) can be provided.

Lumachrome® HD Trulife® Acrylic Fine Art Print, Ready to Hang

I offer the finest acrylic print in the world today, the Lumachrome® HD Acrylic Print using TruLife® acrylic. The Lumachrome® process is engineered to overcome and surpass the limitations of traditional Fujiflex chromogenic and other inkjet processes. Details appear to emerge in 3D from the depths of the image with the Lumachrome® process along with brilliant colors, superior shadow luminosity & detail and a radiant glowing response under halogen lighting.

Trulife® acrylic is an innovative, single-sided, anti-reflective and abrasion-resistant acrylic. It virtually eliminates reflections, blocks up to 99% of UV rays, has a hard coat that protects against scratches and cleans like glass. Your print will have a 1/8 inch thick acrylic surface with an additional acrylic backing and a 1.25 inch thick high-quality composite back-mounted recessed floating frame allowing your artwork to appear to “float” on the wall.

Framed Lumachrome® HD Trulife® Acrylic Fine Art Print, Ready to Hang

Adding a handmade Roma Moulding Italian wood frame to the Lumachrome® HD Trulife® Acrylic Print is the ultimate in the presentation of a photographic print. These frames are the best in the world and are a perfect fit for Nature and Landscape Photographic Prints.

This artwork includes a 4-inch wide Roma Tabacchino frame and a 3-inch black or white linen liner. These are identical to the previously described Lumachrome Prints, but without the rear floating frame. The frame and liner add 14 inches to both the horizontal and vertical dimensions of a print. For example, a 30 x 45 inch print will have framed dimensions of 44 x 59 inches. If a framed example is shown here, it is a representation of a print 30 inches on the short side.

If you are interested in a Roma Moulding different from the options shown, please contact me and I will do my best to accommodate you.

For scaled representations of the framed photos, please see our Custom Framing page.

Exhibit Mounted Chromaluxe® Metal Fine Art Print, Ready to Hang

These prints represent a new art medium for preserving photos by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets. Your images will take on a magical luminescence. Colors are vibrant and the luminescence is breathtaking. Detail and resolution are unsurpassed. They are available in sizes up to 48” x 96”.

The prints are made with a brilliant white high gloss surface for unsurpassed detail and vibrance. They are mounted on 2mm black Styrene and finished with a black edge and an black metal inset frame that floats the print ¾” off the wall when hung. If you need a size that is not shown or a larger size, please contact me for options.

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Pearl Fine Art Print, Ready for Framing

These fine art prints are made using Fuji Crystal Digital Pearl paper, which in our opinion, is the finest paper available for printing Fine Art Photographs. Pearl-like crystals give silver halide color prints a specific luster, creating a distinctive pearl-like appearance, which is sure to capture your attention.

Prints up to 24 x 36 are mounted to a 2mm black Styrene backing that resists warping, making it an excellent choice for adding durability and providing rigidity for framing.

Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta Print, Ready For Framing

We believe this to be the best paper for Black and White prints. Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta is a bright white Fine Art inkjet paper with an inkjet coasting specially tailored for Fine Art use.

The paper has a lovely soft feel and tactile surface texture to produce prints with a stunning three-dimensional quality and depth. The high-gloss premium inkjet coating guarantees outstanding print results with perfect reproduction of color and detail, deep blacks and striking contrasts.

Prints are shipped rolled and are available in almost any size up to 40 x 80. If something larger is needed, please contact me.

Limited Edition Fine Art Prints

All of my prints are limited edition prints with a maximum of 100 prints made of each image, regardless of style. By limiting the number of times each image is printed, their value is increased.

Order Prints in Two Easy Steps

1. Click on any image to view the available options and pricing

2. Choose a Style, a Size and then Add To CartIf there is a special size or something different that you need as to style, please contact me.

Shipping and Delivery

The cost of shipping is included for orders in the United States. Your artwork will be carefully packed and could require signature upon receipt. Tracking information will be provided to you. If you are located outside the United States, please contact me for a quote of shipping costs before order.

Both the Framed and Frameless Lumachrome® HD Acrylic Prints will usually take 4-6 weeks for printing and delivery. The Chromaluxe Metal Prints will usually take 2-4 weeks for printing and delivery. The Fujicolor Crystal Archive Prints will usually take 1-3 weeks for printing and delivery.

Certificate of Authenticity

I provide a Certificate of Authenticity that includes a serialized hologram and is signed by the artist, Joseph C. Filer. A duplicate of the serialized hologram is included for you to place on the back of the artwork.

Returns For Damage

Our printers stand behind the quality of their work. However, there is always the possibility of something unexpected happening where the print is damaged in packaging or shipping. If your artwork arrives damaged, please notify me immediately and provide photographs of the damage. I will work with you to return the artwork to our printer for a replacement at no cost to you. Please understand that I require that you notify us of the damage within 48 hours of receipt of your artwork.

Viewing Our Online Images

Standard computer screens with less than 4K resolution just don't do a very good job displaying fine art photographs. Higher resolution devices such as smartphones and tablets do a far better job with their brighter, high resolution screens. We encourage you to view our images on these devices.

Displaying Your Artwork

It is important that you display any fine art photography print in a well-lit space or with individual lighting. The metallic papers and metal prints do an incredible job of using and reflecting light to show off the image as it should be. While it is not possible to duplicate the brightness of back-lit screens from computers and other devices, the papers and processes used for our artwork will result in outstanding results with proper lighting.

Privacy Policy

Your personal information such as credit card numbers, email address, phone number, etc. will NEVER be sold or given to any other person or business.

Thank You

Above all, I appreciate your interest in my artwork. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Joe Filer

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