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Joseph C. Filer

Joseph C Filer Landscape Photography
While photographing "Middle of Nowhere", Utah - Click on image for details

A Personal Note From The Artist

I am a professional Fine Art Photographer of Landscape and Wildlife images. I appreciate your taking the time to review my online gallery of photographs that I have for sale. Not a day goes by where I don't learn something new and I love every minute of it.

There are many photographers that offer similar Fine Art Prints for sale, so why invest in one of mine? My philosophy has always been to photograph a scene that is going to look amazing on your home or office wall. I am not out to impress other photographers. Although many of those types of images are impressive in their own way, I just have a little different approach.

I have been fortunate to have been able to travel to a variety of countries and locations in search of the very best images. I use some of the best digital camera equipment available, utilizing skills that allow me to meticulously get the maximum detail possible out of each image. I spend hours editing and processing images in order to create artwork that will not only be impressive on your wall, but also convey what it was like to have been there.

I am always available to answer any questions or discuss what options you have with our images. I believe in a high level of personal service. If I can be of any assistance to you, please don't hesitate to contact me.


Joe Filer

Artist Statement

I am often asked, and sometimes wonder myself, why I repeatedly get up well before dawn to get to a location, spend may hours driving and exploring all kinds of back roads looking for new opportunities and staying out late past sunset in the middle of nowhere.

It is hard to explain just how much I enjoy being outside, stomping around looking for the best location to position my tripod to capture what I am seeing and experiencing. The landscape and wildlife photographer’s “office” is a pretty cool one. It may be hot, cold or wet, but I don’t really notice as I am totally absorbed into my surroundings. To experience it is to understand it.

The prints for sale on this website are the select few of hundreds of thousands of images taken. If the thought of how cool it would have been to have been there crosses your mind, then I will have accomplished one of my goals.


Joseph Filer Landscape Photography

I remember back as a young boy asking my mother to let me take a photo of the fort at St. Augustine, Florida with our Kodak Brownie camera. I recall looking down through the viewfinder on the top, for what she thought was way too long, to compose the picture just the way I wanted it. When we got home and had the film developed, the fort appeared just like I had remembered it resulting in a feeling of accomplishment and the planting of a seed.

It wasn’t until many years later in 2007 that I was able to have the time to travel to the many places in the United States along with expeditions to Canada, Antarctica, South America, Iceland and Norway to chase the critters that are a part of my Wildlife portfolio and explore the many locations that are a part of my Landscape portfolio.

The learning never ends and the photographic equipment continues to get better and better. I look forward to the continuation of my journey and capturing the next “magic moment” out there, wherever that may be.

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