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Joseph C. Filer

Joseph C Filer Landscape Photography
While photographing "Middle of Nowhere", Utah - Click on image for details

My Photography Journey

I remember as a young boy asking my mother to let me take a photo of the fort at St. Augustine, Florida with our Kodak Brownie camera. I recall looking down through the viewfinder on the top, for what she thought was way too long, to compose the picture just the way I wanted it. When we got home and had the film developed, the fort appeared just like I had remembered it resulting in a feeling of accomplishment and the planting of a seed that has grown into a passionate love for creating fine art photography.

Today, I no longer use the Kodak Brownie camera and have spent years traveling to different continents to capture the beauty of the scene in front of me or the majesty of the wildlife that appears in my camera lens.

Creating Fine Art Photography – My Philosophy

I understand the emotional connection people have to beautiful locations around the world and the importance of capturing those memories and feelings. My fine art landscape and wildlife photographs go beyond the literal representation of a scene or subject.

My fine art photos convey not only what I was seeing but what I was feeling when the camera shutter clicked. To capture the emotion of the moment, I use the best digital camera equipment available and spend hours editing and processing images so you can sense what it was like to have been standing there.

The camera, the processing of the raw image in software, and the amazing high-definition printers I use are important tools that allow me to create a museum-quality fine art nature photography print that is created by an artist and not just by the camera. My prints are ones you can proudly display in your home or office.

Providing Outstanding Customer Service – It Truly Matters When Shopping Online

Joseph Filer Landscape Photography

I understand how you could be a little nervous about buying fine art online.

With that in mind, I deliberately provide in-depth information on my website—from choosing the photograph to printing and framing. I use the most advanced printing processes and the highest quality materials and work with the best fine art printers in the United States.

I always provide the highest level of personal customer service and am available to answer any questions or discuss purchase options. Please contact me if I can be of any assistance to you.

Best Regards,
Joseph C. Filer

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