Fine Art Landscape And Wildlife Photography as Wall Art

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My online galleries of fine art landscape and wildlife photography prints are presented in a format where you can easily find what you are looking for. I offer one of the largest selections from any single artist. In addition to the many galleries, you can also use the Search function.

A Great Solution For Decorating Your Walls

Fine Art Landscape Photography Prints are an answer to the question of how to best decorate a wall in your home or office. Such artwork that is worthy of being in your home involves far more than someone just taking a picture with a camera. These Limited Edition, Museum Quality photographs are available as Fine Art Paper Prints, Metal Prints, Acrylic Prints, or Framed Acrylic Prints. Large-scale prints up to 8 feet or more in size are available.

What is Fine Art Landscape Photography?

Fine Art Landscape Photography goes beyond the literal representation of a scene or subject. It must deeply express the feelings of the photographer and clearly reveal that it was created by an artist and not by just the camera.

The photograph must reproduce what the artist was feeling when they were observing a particular scene. It is not an editorial capture of a moment in time. The photographer may use a variety of methods such as long exposures, wide-angle lenses, different depths of field, color, black and white, or other techniques to draw the viewer’s eye to a specific area of the photograph.

The camera, the processing of the raw image in software and the amazing high-definition printers used today are tools to create the finished product of what the artist was seeing and feeling.

The artist’s expression could be anything from abstract images to small intimate scenes to large scenes capturing an entire mountain chain. In a large panoramic print.

My personal experience is that I don’t know how I am going to photograph a location or scene until I have been there a while and am able to take it all in. I look at multiple angles and options and when I finally see through the viewfinder something that strikes me emotionally, I am then ready to take the photograph.

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My collection of Nature, Landscape and Wildlife photography for sale represents a broader variety than most other photographers. I invite you to look through my photographs of the following locations:

Abstracts In Nature, Acadia National Park, Antarctica, Arches National Park, Arizona Deserts, Aspen Trees, Bryce Canyon National Park, California Mountains, California Coast, Colorado Fall Color, Cypress Trees and Swamps, Death Valley National Park, Desert Southwest, Florida Sunrises and Sunsets, Florida Keys, Glacier National Park, Grand Canyon National Park, Grand Teton National Park, Gulf Coast, Iceland, Lakes & Rivers, Mountains, Mount Rainier National Park, Northern Lights, New Hampshire, North Carolina Outer Banks, Norway, Ocean Sunrises, Oregon Mountains, Orgon Coast, Pacific Northwest, Patagonia, Red Rock Country, Sedona Arizona, Slot Canyons, Smoky Mountains National Park, South Carolina, Springtime Flowers, Spitsbergen, Tree Photography, Utah Desert, Waterfalls, Washington State, West Virginia, Winter Scenes, Yellowstone National Park, Yosemite National Park, and Zion National Park