Cypress Trees and Swamps Landscape Photography Fine Art Prints

Cypress tree photography print as wall art

Pictures of Cypress Trees in Texas and Georgia Swamps in Fall Color

A Cypress tree and Cypress Swamp landscape photography gallery by Joseph C. Filer of stunning pictures of Cypress tree landscapes from Caddo Lake, Texas and Georgia swamps that capture the trees with their graceful knees, colorful trunks and brilliant orange and yellow-gold leaves.

Cypress tree landscape photographs are for sale as Limited Edition Fine Art Paper Prints, Chromaluxe ® Metal Prints, and non-glare TruLife ® Acrylic Prints. Frames and large-scale prints 8 feet or more in size are available.

My Cypress Tree Photography Experience

I grew up in the Southeast so I’ve been around Cypress Trees for a long time. I got the chance to photograph them in both Georgia and Texas in the Fall. They are beautiful in the Fall in their brilliant yellow and red colors.

The vast majority of my Cypress Tree photography is done from a small boat or kayak. This was a new experience for me, but with my experience, I knew exactly how to make it work. I loved finding the scenes of openings creating a “trail” through the trees.

Cypress Tree Landscape Photography - Cypress Swamps in the Fall

It is fascinating to photograph and learn about Cypress Trees. There are 12 species of cypress trees. Cypress trees typically live for hundreds of years. Many trees are often 80 feet tall, growing 24 inches in a single year, and have trunks with 20-foot diameters.

They are the only trees with knees that sprout around the tree at a distance of several feet. Colorful photos of Cypress Trees are often taken in the Fall when their leaves are bright orange or yellow. The pictures in my Cypress Trees gallery capture the mystery of the Cypress Swamps landscape with its fog and calm waters.

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Wall Art From Cypress Trees and Swamps

Bald Cypress tree photographs are displayed with their brilliant red and orange fall color reflecting in the calm, mystical water of Caddo Lake, Texas, or the lakes and swamps of southern Georgia. These Cypress Trees, draped with Spanish Moss, are a beautiful subject for photographic art for your home.

Visiting and Photographing Cypress Trees and Swamps

Cypress trees in the swamps, lakes, and ponds in the South turn brilliant orange in the fall, which for them is usually in November. The colors are deep and beautiful. South Carolina, Louisiana, and Texas are prime spots.

The key to getting the best photos of these trees in South Carolina is getting into a kayak or canoe and doing the work of paddling around. It means starting out in the dark, which is a little creepy, but it gets you to the good spots during the soft morning light.

Most recently, I photographed at Caddo Lake in Texas. You can stay at a lodge right at the lake or 30 minutes away in Marshall, Texas. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. I chose to stay at the lake, which saved some driving time, which was nice when you need to be out on the boat an hour before sunrise.

Caddo Lake is so large that using a canoe or kayak is not the most efficient way to go about it. I recommend using a guide with a boat. You will want to be sure of where the guide is going to take you and if they are willing to depart at least an hour before sunrise. From my experience, going out at sunrise was the preferred time.

Nearby to Caddo Lake is Caddo Lake State Park, which has Mill Pond. This location should be included in your efforts. The Park has canoes, but you have to be staying inside the park to have access to them. However, you can still photograph from a large dock or from the shoreline.

There is this amazing peaceful feeling in the calm waters in the swamp. In November, the mosquitoes are almost non-existent. That's a good thing,