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Northern Lights Landscape Photography

Alaska Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis Fine Art Prints

My Northern Lights landscape photography prints are for sale showcasing the amazing beauty of the Aurora Borealis. The Limited Edition, Museum Quality photographs are available as Fine Art prints, Metal prints and Acrylic prints. Large scale prints up toe 8 feet or more in size are available.

Bring Home The Experience

These Northern Lights Prints and Wall Art allow you the opportunity to re-live an experience or imagine being there from within your own home. One of these beautiful pictures of the Northern Lights will add a dramatic focal point to any room!

Click on any image to view the available purchase options and pricing.

My Personal Invitation To You

I personally invite you to begin your journey as a fine art collector. I will work with you every step of the way, from the selection of one of my Northern Lights landscape photographs to the selection of the print style and will keep you up to date of the printing and delivery process. The end result will be a fine art photograph that will add beauty to your home or office and become a cherished possession.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding the process of purchasing a print.

Fine Art Print and Wall Art Options

My photographs of the Aurora and Northern Lights are available for you to purchase as Fine Art Prints or Wall Art and place in your home or office. They are for sale as Frameless or Framed Lumachrome® HD Trulife® Acrylic Prints, Exhibit Mounted Metal Prints, and Fuji Crystal Archive Paper Prints. After selecting the desired photo, just select the type and size of print you would like to purchase in the area beneath the photo.

If you are looking for a different size than what is shown or have any other special needs, please contact me.

For more information and details regarding these museum quality landscape prints for sale, please click on this link to my Print Options page. I believe my photographic artwork can brighten up any room and I invite you to see some illustrations of this on my Room Preview page.

Visiting and Photographing the Northern Lights

The easiest place to photograph the Aurora is in Alaska. Just outside the city of Fairbanks, there are a number of excellent locations with open fields, lakes, rivers and trees that make for good scenes with the aurora above. Further north from Fairbanks is the Brooks Range with beautiful mountains to complete the scene.

The colorful display in the sky from the Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights, is something everyone should try to experience at least once. There are scientific reasons for why it occurs relating to charged particles, plasma, electrons, etc., but I really don’t try to understand it.

In addition to clear skies, all those scientific factors have to be just right for the Aurora to appear. There are no guarantees and it might happen only one out of five nights. When it happens, there is nothing else like it. It can be landscape photography at its best.

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