Norway Lofoten Island Winter Landscape Photography Fine Art Prints

Norway landscape photography print on the wall

Pictures of Norway Winter Mountains, Fjords and Fishing Villages

A Norway and Lofoten Islands photography gallery of stunning photos of the winter landscapes of Norway by Joseph C. Filer that capture scenes of snow-covered mountains, the red cabins of idyllic fishing villages, beaches and Northern Lights around the villages of Reine, Hamnoy and more.

Norway and Lofoten Island landscape photography prints are for sale as Limited Edition Fine Art Paper Prints, Chromaluxe ® Metal Prints, and non-glare TruLife ® Acrylic Prints. Frames and large-scale prints 8 feet or more in size are available.

My Norway Photography Experience

I have spent over 3 weeks in the Lofoten Islands on Norway’s north coast during two extended photographic expeditions in the Winter. From the rocky coast near Leknes to the fishing villages at Hammoy and Reine, the snow-covered mountain scenes were never-ending.

My Norway Photography would not have been complete without the red cabins of the fishing villages and the northern lights over the mountains. I really got to know my way around and I discovered, as I usually do, some incredible out-of-the-way places that made for wonderful winter images. Norway Is right up there with the Canadian Rockies as my favorite place for winter photography.

Norway Lofoten Islands Landscape Photography – Spectacular Views

Norway (the Northern Way) was a part of Sweden from 1814 to 1905 when it gained its independence. Well over half of its population of 5,443,000 lives in the southern end of the country near Oslo, Norway’s capital. There are over 50,000 islands off Norway’s coastline which were carved by deep glacial fjords.

Norway Landscape Photography is going to involve mountains and that's a good thing About 2/3 of Norway is mountainous. The landscape of Norway and the Lofoten Islands attracts both tourists and photographers who try to capture the incredible granite peaks with their photography equipment.

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Norway Top 5 Questions and Answers

What time is it in Norway?

Norway is in Central European Time (CET) and participates in Daylight Savings Time. It is 5 hours ahead of Eastern Time.

Where is Norway?

Norway is located in northern Europe. It shares the Scandinavian Peninsula with Sweden and Finland.

What is the capital of Norway?

The capital of Norway is Oslo.

What language do they speak in Norway?

Norway has two official languages: Norwegian (especially Bokmal) and Sami.

Where is Norway located?

Norway in located in Northern Europe bordered by Sweden to the east; Finland and Russia to the northeast; and the North Sea to the west and south.

Norway's Lofoten Islands As Fine Art

Fine Art Photography should capture your imagination and the images I have from winter in the Lofoten Islands in Norway do just that. The scenes with the red cabins in Reine and Hamnoy are stunning and draw you in. The mountains rise from the water’s edge. Every time I look at them I want to go back and stand there again. That is the effect fine art photography should have.

Visiting and Photographing The Lofoten Islands

Wintertime is when the Lofoten Islands are at their best. The snow-covered mountains surrounding the fjords are spectacular, especially at sunrise and sunset. At night, there is the possibility of photographing the Aurora. I cannot think of anywhere I would rather photograph in the Winter.

The Lofoten Islands off the coast of northern Norway are a spectacular place for Landscape and Nature Photography. The islands are covered with sharp, stunning mountains everywhere that are right on the water’s edge. For other winter images, see our gallery of Fine Art Winter Scenes.

A couple hours south of the town of Leknes are the fishing villages of Reine and Hamnoy. These villages are famous for the photographs of scenes of little red fishing cabins overhanging the water with the mountains in the background. In addition to the mountains in Norway, see our gallery of Fine Art Mountain Photography.