The Adventures Of A Landscape Photographer

I have been fortunate to have been able to travel to many locations in the United States and other countries in pursuit of landscape and wildlife images. I wanted to keep a journal of these experiences for my own reflections. I also wanted to offer information as to what I learned at many of these locations to others that might be looking to go there for similar purposes.

I Hope You Enjoy Reading About My Adventures

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Photographic Report From Death Valley & Eastern Sierra

March 2022

It had been a few years since I had been to Death Valley National Park and the nearby Eastern Sierra Mountains. I felt like I had some unfinished business there.

Winter Photography In The Canadian Rockies

January 2022

I had not been back to the Canadian Rockies in the Winter in quite a few years and knew I had some important images still to take there.

Photographic Expedition to White Sands National Park

December 2021

I had been wanting to get back to White Sands National Park for quite a few years. The white gypsum sand dunes are different from anywhere else.

Caddo Lake Texas Fall Color Photography Report

November 2021

I was determined to go to Caddo Lake, Texas this year after a great fall season with very successful fall color expeditions to Washington State in September and Maine in October.

Acadia National Park and the Maine Coast in the Fall

October 2021

There is so much to like about the Maine coast in the Fall. The rocky coast is unlike anywhere else in the United States, and the sunrises can be nothing short of spectacular.

Fall Color at Mount Rainier and the North Cascades

September 2021

I had photographed Mount Rainier before during the summer when the wildflowers are in bloom. For years, I had wanted to photograph the fall colors there and finally got the chance.

Photographing Florida Landscapes

August 2021

Although I have lived in Florida all my life, I pursued landscape photography in other states and countries assuming I could scenes in Florida anytime I wanted.

Washington State And The North Cascades Photo Report

July 2021

Mount St. Helens, North Cascades National Park, Mount Rainier and the Lavender Farm at Mount Hood were drawing me to the Pacific Northwest in July for Landscape Photography.

Yosemite National Park In Spring Glory

May 2021

Half Dome, El Capitan, the Merced River, Yosemite Falls and Dogwoods in bloom are all a reason to photograph in Yosemite National Park in May.

Photographing the California Big Sur Coast

May 2021

Soberanes Point, Garrapata State Park, Monterey 17 mile Drive, McWay Falls and other areas on the Big Sur coast are just some of the reasons to be on the California Coast for landscape photography.

Photographing The Smoky Mountains in the Spring

April 2021

Clingman's Dome, Newfound Gap, The Little River, Tremont, Roaring Fork, Cades Cove and Dogwoods in bloom are great reasons to be in the Smoky Mountains in April for Landscape Photography.

Photographing The Desert Southwest

March 2021

Factory Butte, Canyonlands, Dead Horse Point, Bryce Canyon and Red Rock Canyon are all great locations for Landscape Photography and it was time for a visit.

A Pacific Coast Landscape Photography Expedition

January 2021

Cape Disappointment, Shore Acres State Park, Samuel Boardman Scenic Area, Gold Beach, Yaquina Head and Columbia River Gorge were all on the to-do list for this trip.

Mount Rainier and Olympic National Park

August 2020

Flower season at Mount Rainier and Olympic National Park were the first two targets after having to stay home for six months due to COVID-19. It was long overdue.

Italian Dolomites In Winter

February 2020

For quite a few years I have wanted to experience and photograph the mountains in Italy, known as the Dolomites. I love snow-covered mountains, so it just made sense to make this trip during the winter.

Chasing Photographs In The Utah Desert

November 2019

I had a crazy nine days in Utah exploring areas I had not been to before, while trying to capture some fall color.

Fall In Yellowstone & The Tetons

September 2019

Although I have photographed in both Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks before, I had not been there in the Fall.

Photographing Arizona and Utah in Summer

July & August 2019

I managed two expeditions to the American Southwest this summer in July and August. There are so many photographic subjects there, and with unpredictable weather, it simply takes a lot of time to cover it all.

Photographing In Oregon

June 2019

We first headed to the coast at Cannon Beach to photograph Haystack Rock at sunset. It turned out to be heavily overcast and covered in fog, so we hoped for the morning.

South Dakota and Wyoming Photography Report

May 2019

South Dakota is home to Badlands National Park, which contains some of the most unique rock formations that I have ever seen.

Norway Lofoten Islands In Winter

February 2019

The Lofoten Islands off the northern coast of Norway are unlike any other place I know of. There are snow-covered mountains everywhere with many of them right on the edge of the sea.

Photographing Iceland In Winter

January 2019

I have made two previous expeditions to photograph in Iceland, but both were in the summer. The sun rises and sets from the south in the winter, which results in different possibilities in addition to the winter scenes.

The Hunt For Southwest Colorado Fall Color

September 2018

My son Jason and I arrived in Southwest Colorado hoping to find that there had been an early snowfall on the mountains like last year, but it was not to be.

Sedona and Grand Canyon Summer Storm Photography

August 2018

August is definitely the time to be in the Southwest with the high likelihood of great clouds and storms. The goal was to capture some great images and I was thrilled with my success.

Photographing Central Oregon

July 2018

After a couple of years of talking about it, my sister was finally able to accompany me on one of my photo expeditions.

The Oregon Coast & California Redwoods

July 2018

Our main target of this expedition was the northern California redwoods. We were hoping to capture some of the Rhododendrons in bloom among the redwoods.

Arizona and Utah At Night

April 2018

When the skies are clear and you can’t get the sunrise and sunset images you want, there is the option of going out and doing some night photography.

Photographing the Eastern Sierra & Death Valley

March 2018

The eastern side of the Sierra Mountains near Bishop, California provides many opportunities for great landscape photographs. I have been there before, but I had some unfinished business there.

The Lofoten Islands Of Norway in Winter

February 2018

At the far north end of Norway, above the 68th parallel, lie the Lofoten Islands. The jagged mountains rise straight up out of the various fjords and are so close, it seems you can reach out and touch them.

Photographing the Carolina Coast and Low Country

December 2017

December would seem like an odd time to go to the coast for photography, but the sun rises and sets to the south resulting in much different photo opportunities than in the summer.

Chasing Fall Color In Southwest Colorado

September 2017

The San Juan Mountains in Southwest Colorado can simply be spectacular in the fall if you have the good fortune to have some snow on the mountains.

Spring at Roan Mountain and Mount Rainier

June and July 2017

June and July were busy months, photographically and otherwise. One of the main attractions in the east in June is the Rhododendron bloom in the mountains of North Carolina.

Photographing Patagonia In The Fall

April 2017

Patagonia is an area at the southern tip of South America. It is comprised of two large national parks and has some incredible mountains.

California Eastern Sierra In Winter

February 2017

There are many photographic possibilities in the Eastern Sierra Mountains of California. We arrived right when the big winter storms were hitting the mountains.

Photographing Fall In The Georgia Mountains

October 2016

There are a variety of options in late October for fall color. This year, I was visiting with family in North Georgia, but I knew there were some opportunities there.

Utah and Colorado Fall Color Photography

September 2016

Utah and the Wasatch Mountains were the main targets for western fall color this year, because different from Colorado, in Utah some of the leaves turn red in addition to yellow.

Maine Coast and Acadia In Summer

August 2016

In August, the sun rises and sets in Maine from the best locations. The other issue on the coast is the tides.

Photographing Iceland in Summer

July 2016

My daughter Kelly and I went to Iceland four years ago, but it is too much to cover in one trip so we finally made our return in July.

Oregon Spring Waterfalls and Flowers

April 2016

When you think of Spring, you usually think of April. Flowers are blooming, the trees are lush and green, snow is still on the mountains and the water is flowing in the waterfalls.

Yosemite Firefall and Carolina Flowers

February & March 2016

In February, I headed to Yosemite National Park to photograph the phenomenon known as “Firefall”.

California Coast Sunsets and Big Waves

January 2016

My daughter Kelly and I headed to the coast to photograph a number of locations from San Francisco down to the Big Sur area.

Fall Color In The Smoky Mountains

October 2015

The Smoky Mountains have a wide variety of photographic possibilities from the rivers in the valley to the outstanding views from the top of the mountains.

Mount Rainier Summer Photography

August 2015

In just about every year on record, the wildflowers in the pastures surrounding Mount Rainier bloomed in August.

Summer Storms in Red Rock Country

July 2015

Summertime brings rain and thunderstorms to the Southwest allowing you an opportunity to get in the right place for rainbows and lightning strikes.

Photographing the Grand Tetons in the Spring

April 2015

It had been a year since I had last photographed the Grand Tetons. Spring is a beautiful time there with the flowers in full bloom.

Photographing the Carolina Coast and Oak Trees

January 2015

Last August I attempted to photograph the coastal areas but was plagued by the dreaded cloudless skies and came away with zip.

Mount Assiniboine and Fall In Colorado

September 2014

Ever since I saw the landscape photographs of Mount Assiniboine in Alberta, Canada several years ago, I knew I just had to get there.

Yosemite National Park and the California Coast

May 2014

Spring is a great time to photograph in Yosemite National Park. The Dogwoods are in bloom, the fields are green and the waterfalls are running from the snowmelt.

Photographing The Canadian Rockies In Winter

January 2014

After photographing the Canadian Rockies a few years ago in the summer, we knew we had to come back for the winter.