Grand Teton National Park Photography Trip Report of Spring Scenes

New Fine Art Pictures of Oxbow Bend and Schwabachers Landing

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Grand Teton National Park Photography

It had been a year since I had last photographed the Grand Tetons. Spring is a beautiful time there with the flowers in full bloom. Last year, the weather pattern had the clouds covering the mountains for almost the entire time we were there, preventing a vast majority of any photographic opportunities.

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Ever hopeful of better conditions, I returned this year to these majestic mountains to try once again. As luck would have it, this time the morning skies (when the rising sun shines on the mountains) were almost completely without any clouds. A good photograph simply requires some clouds, hopefully with some sunrise color.

Accepting our situation, we worked around it the best I could, but opportunities were limited. With the clear skies, we went for the sunset photo of the sunburst just as the sun was setting behind the Tetons. The reflection of the sunburst in the water was an added bonus.

A sunset with a sunburst over the mountains reflecting in the water at Grand Teton National Park
"Teton Sunburst" - Click Photo To Purchase

I had one morning when we knew a storm was coming through and had planned where we wanted to be when it did. It is a view of what is called Cascade Canyon and it resulted in one of the most dramatic images of the Tetons I have ever seen.

Dramatic storm clouds over the Grand Teton mountains
"Teton Storm" - Click Photo To Purchase

Just for fun, I headed south of Jackson to the Granite Creek area and were surprised by the huge fields of yellow Balsamroot flowers with some nice mountains in the background. Another mid-morning gave us some wispy clouds at the always beautiful Oxbow Bend. Minutes later they were gone and the sky was cloudless, once again.

A panoramic view of yellow Balsomroot flowers and mountains in Wyoming
"Yellow Delight" - Click Photo To Purchase

Mount Moran and the Grand Tetons reflecting in the Snake River at Oxbow Bend in the Tetons in Spring
"Oxbow Spring" - Click Photo To Purchase

We’ll be heading to the red rock country of Utah in July with its 100+ temperatures and hope get lucky with some thunderstorms in addition to some nice sunrise and sunsets.

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