Mount Rainier National Park Photography Trip Report of Summer Colors

New Fine Art Pictures from Reflection Lake, Paradise and Myrtle Falls

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Mount Rainier National Park Photography

In just about every year on record, the wildflowers in the pastures surrounding Mount Rainier bloomed in August. There are limited places to stay near the park due to its remote location, so you have to make your lodging arrangements six months in advance. As luck would have it, the continued drought in the west caused the wildflowers to bloom in early July and they were all gone when we got there in August.

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Undeterred, my daughter Kelly and I searched high and low for other alternatives. We found a few remaining flowers to include along with some other subjects. It turned out to be quite productive with about ten images worth keeping.

This place is a hiking paradise, although many of the hikes do involved some serious elevation gain. We did some hiking, and the higher than normal temperatures resulted in some mild dehydration, which may have been a factor in causing the kidney stone I got. There were a couple of difficult 30 mile drives to the closest emergency room. I will try to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

The Washington State wild fires did cause some hazy skies for a couple of days, but it could have been worse. If we had stayed longer, I think it would have become worse, but my photographic issues with it pale in comparison to what those that are fighting the fires are facing. We wish the best for them and their families.

An unusual yellow cloud at sunrise over Mount Rainier
"Rainier Sunrise" - Click Photo To Purchase

trees emerging though the fog in Stevens Canyon in Mount Rainier National Park
"Emerging" - Click Photo To Purchase

A vertical view of sunrise skies over Myrtle Falls and Mount Rainier
"Myrtle Falls" - Click Photo To Purchase

Sunrise skies over the Tatoosh Range of mountains near Mount Rainer
"Looking South" - Click Photo To Purchase

Christine Falls under the stone bridge surrounded by lush greenery  at Mount Rainier National Park
"Christine Falls" - Click Photo To Purchase

Mount Rainier reflecting in relfection lakes with red flowers in the foreground and pink sunrise skies
"Reflecting" - Click Photo To Purchase

Next up will be short trip to Acadia National Park in Maine and then we’ll be in the Rockies for fall colors at the end of September.

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