Redwood Natonal Park and Oregon Coast Photography Trip Report

New Fine Art Pictures of Bandon Beach, Forests and Redwood Trees

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Oregon Coast Landscape Photography
Oregon Landscape Photography
California Coast Landscape Photography

Our main target of this expedition was the northern California redwoods. We were hoping to capture some of the Rhododendrons in bloom among the redwoods. Unfortunately, they were apparently on a different schedule than usual this year. This just meant that we had to search a little harder for some quality images.

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On the way south, we stopped for a couple of nights in Bandon, Oregon. The beach there has these wonderful sea stacks that make for a great subject in the sunset. I had been there on a previous trip but did not have any luck. We struck out again with heavy clouds on the first night, but it came together on the second night. We could see the small hole in the clouds as the sun was setting and were hoping it would give us a nice sunburst and light up the scene. It did, if only for a few seconds, but that was enough.

Sunset on the sea stacks reflecting in the wet beach at Bandon Oregon
"Bandon Burst" - Click Photo To Purchase

We headed south to Brookings, Oregon for a couple of days there hoping to get something good on the coast at Samuel Boardman State Pak, where there are these wonderful, large sea stacks with trees growing out of them. It was Fog City all day so we headed inland to some trails and captured two very nice images.

Footbridge in the woods in Oregon
"Footbridge" - Click Photo To Purchase

A tree standing out in the woods in Oregon with bright green leaves
"Full of Life" - Click Photo To Purchase

Next, it was on to California and the redwoods. Here, the fog was what we were looking for and there was plenty of it. Just outside Redwood National Park, there is an area known as the Bald Hills, where the Lupine bloom. I couldn’t resist but to capture an image one morning here.

A vertical view of a path through the fog and Redwood trees in California
"Into The Fog" - Click Photo To Purchase

A closeup of morning light on redwood trees in the fog in California
"Redwood Fog" - Click Photo To Purchase

A vertical view of a stand of redwood trees in the fog in California
"Standing Proud" - Click Photo To Purchase

A field of purple lupines in the Bald Hills of California
"Springtime" - Click Photo To Purchase

I return to Oregon in July and will be accompanied on this trip by my sister, who has always wanted to hang out with me on one of my trips. I look forward to it for many reasons. We’ll be working more of the inland areas and are sure to come away with some good images.

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