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Tree Photography And Tree Tunnel Fine Art Photography Prints For Sale

An online gallery of beautiful pictures of Trees and Tree Tunnels for sale as limited edition, luxury fine art prints and wall art from a professional landscape photographer and artist. These museum-quality photographs are available as Fine Art Paper Prints, Metal Prints, and Acrylic Prints. Large-scale prints 8 feet or more in size are available.

Facts About Trees

There are more than 60,065 different kinds of tree species in the world and more than 640 species of trees in the United States. Trees provide more than beautiful scenery. One large tree can provide a day’s supply of oxygen for up to 4 people. More than 20% of the world’s oxygen is produced in the Amazon Rainforest. Trees can cool a city by up to 10°F by shading homes and streets and releasing water vapor through their leaves.

The Best Locations And Subjects

1. South Carolina - 2. California Redwood Parks - 3. Eastern Sierra - 4. Oak Trees - 5. Redwood Trees - 6. Cottonwoods

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I offer you the ability to work directly with me, the photographer and artist, instead of through a gallery art director or manager. I create high-resolution, museum-quality prints, with limited editions of 100. They have been meticulously produced using the latest in digital camera equipment and are printed using the highest standards and materials in the industry. For more information, see my Print Options and Custom Framing pages.

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Tree Photography As Stunning Fine Art to Beautify Your Home

Fine Art landscape photography captures the depth and beauty the photographer feels while standing there gazing at the landscape. Trees are one of the most intriguing landscape “subjects” because the options are varied and thus, spending time photographing trees never becomes dull or boring.

In particular, trees are unique in that they change with the seasons. My article, Photographing the Four Seasons, discusses in depth the difference that the different seasons make on landscape photography….. a photo of a dogwood or yellow cottonwood tree in the spring as compared to the fall would have a different look and feel.

You may be wondering… what is the best season to photograph trees? The answer depends on the individual tree and the look you want to capture…is it a tree filled with blooms…. Colorful fall leaves…..the deep greens of summer… or bare branches reaching up to the skies. Examples of the differences of the seasons on tree photos can be found in my Caddo Lake Texas Fall Color and my Photographing the Smoky Mountains in the Spring Trip Reports.

Trees can be a part of a sweeping landscape. Or, you can choose to photograph a lone tree surviving a hurricane; a photographer can focus on the bark of the tree or the blooms. Wooden bridges come alive tucked in a forest of trees and mist takes on a romantic feel when viewed in a forest. Each tree photoshoot is unique….just as the photograph is.

What is a Definition of a Tree?

At first glance, that may seem like a silly question—what is the definition of “tree” as we all know a tree when we see it and a scientific definition of “tree” would include phrases such as a woody plant that renews its growth. Most trees have a single trunk made of woody tissues and most produce branches or secondary limbs.

But defining a “woody plant” as a tree is also based on visual assessment …for example, what defines a tree from a shrub in your mind? They both are “woody plants” with multiple “stems”. It seems that one defining criterion in our subconscious visual assessment is the element of height as we would consider something less than 10 feet tall to be a shrub….. not a tree. So, with that in mind…. The next question is….

What are the Tallest Trees that Make the Best Tree Photography?

Some of this photographer's favorite tree photographs capture the majesty of the mighty redwood found in Redwood National Park. The tallest tree currently living is located in the Redwood National Park and was discovered in 2006. The precise location is kept secret to protect the tree. In 2006, the tree was 379 ft. 1.2 in tall and has grown slightly taller since then.

What is the Importance of Trees in Our Daily Lives?

Think about the effects of trees on a new subdivision of homes. The building process usually involves leveling the land and removing all the trees and shrubbery. But what is the final step when building a home in a subdivision? It is to make it feel friendly and a place where you would want to live.

The builder and/or homeowner does so by adding landscaping and this often means planting trees. The truth about trees is they add color and warmth to our day-to-day lives….. whether it is a tree in your yard or a fine art tree photograph hanging in your family room.

So Why Do Trees Make a Fine Art Photography Print?

A successful fine art nature photography print is one that makes you feel connected to nature… the beauty it provides. With fine-art tree photography, you can envision yourself standing next to the Angel Oak Tree near Charleston or driving through a canopy of oaks at Botany Bay.

Tree fine art prints may remind you of seeing beautiful spring flowers, childhood hikes in the woods, or a fall road trip. In my Tree Photography Fine Art Gallery, you will find a wide variety of trees and landscape photos that would beautify your home or office while making you feel connected to the world around you.

The Beauty Of Trees and Forests

Tree photography is always on my mind. For me, trees are right there with Mountains as a favorite photographic subject. They are a critical part of Landscape and Nature Photography. Trees provide us with oxygen to breathe, shade to keep us cool and a peaceful beauty for us to enjoy. Having grown up with large trees and my share of tree forts, I can not imagine a life without them.

There are many different species and shapes of trees and I enjoy photographing them all. The sprawling Oak trees of South Carolina and Florida are probably my favorite with their long branches. The huge, majestic Redwood and Sequoia trees are awe-inspiring. The orange Cypress trees in the Fall are stunning. The rain forest in Olympic National Park is captivating.

The Cottonwood Trees in the Fall with their dark, twisted trunks and limbs are just fascinating, Mountain Pine trees in the fog can be spectacular. Aspen and Maple trees in the fall. The list goes on and on, but you get the idea. They are everywhere and they are beautiful. Walking through the forest, especially a rain forest is one of the most peaceful things I can experience.

Fun Facts About Trees

Trees In History

Trees have provided us with many stories and events throughout history. The first would be the biblical story of Adam and Eve eating the forbidden from a tree in the Garden of Eden. Isaac Newton told the story of sitting under an Apple Tree in 1666 and watching an apple fall to the ground, which led him to think about the forces of gravity and led to his discovery of the law of universal gravitation.

Most of us have heard the fictional story of a young George Washington telling his father that he could not tell a lie and did, in fact, cut the Cherry Tree with his hatchet. There are amazing stories of survival, like the 9/11 Survivor Tree in New York, which was found under the rubble, nursed back to health, and is a part of the memorial today.

There are very old trees like Angel Oak in South Carolina that are over 500 years old. The General Sherman Tree in Sequoia National Park is over 2,300 years old.

The Benefits Of Trees

They are indispensable and critical to our planet. They clean the air removing CO2 and providing Oxygen. Trees help to prevent erosion, which can help reduce water pollution. They provide a place for many forms of wildlife to live. Trees provide us with food.

They provide us with wood for building our homes and firewood to keep us warm. They beautify our world and give us the refreshing change of scenery with their changes in the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter seasons.

Trees In Movies

There’s the Apple Tree that comes to life, and not too happy when Dorothy pulls off an Apple in The Wizard Of Oz. More recently, there is Whomping Willow in Harry Potter and Treebeard in Lord Of The Rings.

My personal favorite movie tree has to be Groot from Guardians Of The Galaxy. He can only say “I am Groot” and hangs out with a smart-aleck raccoon, but it is my favorite science fiction character of all time. It was previously Chewbacca, but Groot won me over.

Fine Art Print and Wall Art Options

My Forest and Tree landscape photographs are offered in the following styles:

  • Lumachrome® HD Trulife® Acrylic Prints
  • Exhibit Mounted Metal Prints
  • Fuji Crystal Archive Paper Prints

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