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Minimalism in Landscape Photography

My Fine Art Minimalist Landscape Photography prints are for sale depicting the simplicity found in minimalist landscape photography in a variety of settings and scenes.

These Limited Edition, Museum Quality photographs are available as Fine Art Prints, Metal Prints, Acrylic Prints, or Framed Acrylic Prints. Large-scale prints up to 8 feet or more in size are available.

What is the Goal of a Minimalist Photographer?

The goal of the minimalist photographer is to create an emotional response that is often of a meditative nature. Minimalist photographers try to capture images that are as simple as possible such as a single cactus in the sand. Elements in a minimalist landscape photograph are kept to a minimum and the ones present in the photograph are there to specifically convey the symbolism of the photograph.

What Are the Key Components of a Fine Art Minimalist Photograph?

Minimalist photographs rely on simplistic compositions, the use of empty space, and the elimination of clutter in the photograph. They have one main subject. A minimalist photographer may often zoom out to create a small-in-the-frame photograph where the subject is surrounded by empty space.

Most minimalist landscape photographs feature lots of “empty” space such as a wide expanse of ocean waters or endless skies. Sometimes the subject is kept small in the frame but what is more important is that your eye is drawn to the single subject as it sits in the empty space. Minimalism photography also emphasizes simplicity and thus, there is limited clutter. There will be the main subject with lots of empty space around it.

Minimalist Style Photography and Interior Design

Minimalist photography is growing in popularity. There is certainly a place for minimalist fine art photography in a home’s décor especially if you are drawn to simplicity in interior design. It can be a break from the constant visual noise in our day-to-day lives. The minimalist landscape photograph can add a soothing touch to a room and invite you, the viewer, to slow down and appreciate the moment.

How to Purchase a Minimalist Landscape Photo With Confidence

Are you looking to purchase some of the best Minimalist landscape photography? Then please consider one of the Minimalist photos from this gallery. I offer you the ability to work directly with me, the photographer and artist, instead of through a gallery art director or manager.

I create high-resolution, museum-quality prints, with limited editions of 100. They are printed using the highest standards and materials in the industry. For more information, see my Print Options and Custom Framing pages.

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