Sunrise and Sunset Landscape Photography Fine Art Prints

Sunrise and Sunset photography print as wall art

Pictures of Sunsets and Sunrises over Lakes, Coastlines and Mountains

A sunrise photography and sunset photography gallery by Joseph C. Filer of beautiful landscape photos of sunsets and sunrises over mountains, trees, lakes, coastlines and rivers from Florida, Arizona, Oregon, California, Canada, Maine and more.

Why do sunrises and sunsets touch our hearts and bring joy to our souls? The combination of colors; the promise of a new beginning at sunrise; the magic of seeing the last beam of light on the horizon and the reflective thoughts as we feel the stillness at the end of the day ….the changes in light versus darkness speak to our inner selves.

Sunrise and sunset landscape photography prints are for sale as Limited Edition Luxury Fine Art Paper Prints, Chromaluxe® Metal Prints, and non-glare TruLife® Acrylic Prints. Frames and large-scale prints 8 feet or more in size are available.

My Sunrise and Sunset Photography Experience

The beautiful skies at sunrise and sunset have had me getting up early and staying out late to photograph them for many years. The good skies probably only happen about 20% of the time, but every time I’m on an expedition I make it a priority to be there for them.

Sunrise photography gets me up early and sunset photography can have me out late, especially in the summer. It may be on a rocky coast, over a reflective lake, in the mountains or over a canyon. It just doesn’t matter. The colorful skies add to the scene no matter what it is or where it is. So, if you see a photographer out there with a tripod at sunrise or sunset, it just might be me.

Sunset and Sunrise Landscape Photography - Magical Moments

As a photographer who loves taking pictures of sunrises and sunsets, I can tell you that great sunsets or sunrises simply don’t happen every day, but when I am watching a great one, the joy of being there at that moment is magical and often breathtaking. It gives me great satisfaction to be able to offer fine art photographs such as those in this gallery that will allow you to experience what I was feeling.

The following images are just a few of the many sunset and sunrise landscape photography photos that are within my galleries. Any of these photographs are sure to make an impact in any room in your home and provide you with a sense of the beauty of nature.

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