Oregon Photography Trip Report of Mountains, Sea Stacks and Waterfalls

New Fine Art Pictures of Cannon Beach, Cape Kiwanda and Mount Hood

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Oregon Coast Landscape Photography
Oregon Landscape Photography

We first headed to the coast at Cannon Beach to photograph Haystack Rock at sunset. It turned out to be heavy overcast and covered in fog, so we hoped for the morning. At first, it wasn’t looking too good then either, but as the sun came up behind us the clouds began to absorb and reflect some really nice color. This turned out to be one of the most dramatic skies I have ever photographed.

dramatic orange and purple storm clouds over the beach and Haystack Rock at sunrise on the Oregon Coast
"Haystack Rock" - Click Photo To Purchase

Next up was the coast down south at Waldport. The beach there is flat and seems to go out forever at low tide, but once you get way out there, the photographic opportunities seem endless. The sunrise was once again lighting up the clouds offshore, and while not as dramatic as Cannon Beach, pretty darn nice.

A burst of sunrise color in the clouds on the beach on the Oregon Coast
"Unexpected Burst" - Click Photo To Purchase

We headed back north to Pacific City to make an effort at Cape Kiwanda. Two previous trips there did not yield an acceptable image. We hiked up the tall sand dunes and out to the end of the Cape to be able to shoot back at the orange sandstone formations that the Cape is known for. We even got the cooperation of the Pacific Ocean with some nice waves. So, the third time here was the charm.

Waves crashing on the orange rock formations at Cape Kiwanda, Oregon
"Kiwanda Storm" - Click Photo To Purchase

Next we went inland to the area around Bend, Oregon to shoot sunset at Smith Rock State Park and sunrise at Sparks Lake. I have to say that both worked out extremely well.

Brilliant sunset skies over the jagged peaks at Smith Rock, Oregon
"The Rock" - Click Photo To Purchase

A view of the river through the green fields and rock formations with stunning sunset skies at Smith Rock, Oregon
"Sunset Rock" - Click Photo To Purchase

The mountains reflecting in Sparks Lake at sunrise in Oregon
"Sparks Lake Calm" - Click Photo To Purchase

Our next location was Trillium Lake up near Government Camp, but it was just too windy to get any good reflections so no sunset image that day. We left there at 3:45 am the next morning to get up to the north side of Mount Hood before the sunrise would begin to light it up. The plan worked to perfection and it turned out the setting moon was in exactly the right place at the right time. I wish I could say I planned it out that way.

A full moon setting over Mount Hood in Oregon
"Mount Hood Moonset" - Click Photo To Purchase

We concluded our trip up at the Columbia River Gorge, where we were able to get a nice shot overlooking the Columbia River and the Vista House. Added to this were some images at Gorton Creek, Horsetail Falls and Ponytail Falls. The hike uphill to Ponytail was serious, but it was well worth it. The lush greenery in the Gorge is unlike anywhere else in the U.S.

An enchanting view of a wooden footbridge leading into the forest at Gorton Creek, Oregon
"Gorton's Bridge" - Click Photo To Purchase

A closeup view of Horsetail Falls and the surrounding greenery in the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon
"The Horsetail" - Click Photo To Purchase

A vertical view of Ponytail Falls with the lush greenery and boulders in the stream in Oregon
"The Ponytail" - Click Photo To Purchase

Next up will be an expedition to Arizona, Utah and New Mexico. I’m hoping for some summer storms to complement the landscape.

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