Photography Trip Report of Zion Natl Park and the Utah Desert

New Fine Art Pictures of Zion National Park and Capitol Reef National Park

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I had a crazy nine days in Utah exploring areas I had not been to before, while trying to capture some fall color. The Weather Gods gave me clouds only on one day so most of the time was spent searching for more intimate scenes that would not have sky in them.

After flying into Las Vegas, I made it up to Snow Canyon State Park for sunset. I hiked out to an area called Petrified Dunes, which seemed like a perfect name, as the mounds of rock looked as though they might have been sand at one point. I was even allowed a few clouds, although that would be the last I would see of that for days.

Snow Canyon
"Snow Canyon" - Click Photo To Purchase

The following was a long day to get up to Hanksville to explore the canyons south of there to Hite, Utah and the area around Lake Powell. On a previous trip there in August, I did not get the chance to photograph the east side of Factory Butte before sunrise during what is known as “blue hour” for the bluish cast that you get before the sun comes up.

Desert Shadows
"Desert Shadows" - Click Photo To Purchase

With that accomplished, it was down to the area of red rock canyons around Hite. This was the one day that I actually had clouds! I did my best to make the most of it. The Cottonwood trees turn yellow that time of year and the ones there did not disappoint.

The Beacon
"The Beacon" - Click Photo To Purchase

Canyon Explosion
"Canyon Explosion" - Click Photo To Purchase

Hidden Away
"Hidden Away" - Click Photo To Purchase

Capitol Reef National Park is west of Hanksville, Utah, and while a small national park, it has some neat rock formations and some really nice Cottonwood trees, some very old.

Red Contrast
"Red Contrast" - Click Photo To Purchase

Corner Spire
"Corner Spire" - Click Photo To Purchase

Capitol Colors
"Capitol Colors" - Click Photo To Purchase

After three days there, it was time to head back down to Zion National Park to see what fall color scenes I could get there. On the way there, I wanted to stop at the colorful Paria Canyon, a place that had simply escaped my attention before. I arrived at the perfect time, late in the afternoon. This was just an unexpected bonus and exceeded my expectations.

Desert Flow
"Desert Flow" - Click Photo To Purchase

Cascading Colors
"Cascading Colors" - Click Photo To Purchase

I finished up with three days in Zion National Park. Photographing the towering rock formations was just not an option as there was not one wisp of a cloud. Plain blue skies just don’t cut it. So, the challenge was on. I have been to Zion before, but always had nice clouds. I was now going to have to work for it, finding good scenes without clouds.

"Vertical" - Click Photo To Purchase

Morning Warmth
"Morning Warmth" - Click Photo To Purchase

Zion Shadows
"Zion Shadows" - Click Photo To Purchase

Sinawava Colors
"Sinawava Colors" - Click Photo To Purchase

Zion Red
"Zion Red" - Click Photo To Purchase

Canyon Surprise
"Canyon Surprise" - Click Photo To Purchase

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