South Carolina Photography Trip Report of the Coast and Low Country

New Fine Art Pictures of Oak Tree Tunnels, Beach Sunrises and Low Country

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December would seem like an odd time to go to the coast for photography, but the sun rises and sets to the south resulting in much different photo opportunities than in the summer. As a result, December has the sun rising straight off the coast in the perfect position for photographing the Folly Beach Pier and the jetty at the north end of the island.

In addition to where the sun rises from, these images must be taken when it is high tide at sunrise or there is simply too much beach sand and not enough of the ocean waves. We got to Charleston on December 3, just in time to have the tide schedule we needed. The sunrises simply exceeded what we hoped for.

Dramatic sunrise skies over the Folly Beach pier in Charleston, South Carolina
"Stunning Sunrise" - Click Photo To Purchase

sunrise skies over an old wood jetty with waves washing over the jetty on Folly Island, South Carolina
"Sunrise Rush" - Click Photo To Purchase

Also near Charleston, is the Tomotley Plantation, one of a few of the old plantations that remains privately owned. Although you can’t go to the actual plantation house, the real attraction is the massive old oak trees that line the entry road. Its been on my list for a while and I’m happy to be able to have done this scene justice.

An oak tunnel over a red dirt driveway at the Tomotley plantation near Charleston, South Carolina
"Enchanting Entry" - Click Photo To Purchase

An oak tree tunnel over green grass at the Tomotley plantation in South Carolina
"Endless Oaks" - Click Photo To Purchase

Near the plantation are the remains of the Old Sheldon Church. It was first burned by the British in 1779, rebuilt, and then burned again by the Union Army in 1865. I rarely photograph old ruins, but the contrast of color and the framing by the oak trees made this one irresistible. I love the way the warm colors of the bricks reflect the early morning light.

a panoramic view of the old Sheldon church remains near Charleston, South Carolina
"Southern Remains" - Click Photo To Purchase

After Charleston, we headed south to Savannah and Brunswick to explore the “Low Country”. In this area are these beautiful marshes with tall grass that glows with the rising or setting sun. The residents have long docks that extend over the marshes to get to the narrow channels of water.

Some of these docks have very photogenic roofed structures at the end of the dock, but they are hard to find where you can photograph them as they are all behind someone’s house. I wanted to capture the feeling of the marsh at sunset, and with this image, I believe I did.

A beautiful sunset over the marsh and dock in Savannah, Georgia
"Savannah Sunset" - Click Photo To Purchase

Next up will be some wintertime photography in the Lofoten Islands in Norway in early February. This is another one of those bucket list photography trips that has been in the planning for a couple of years. I am practically counting the days.

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