Photography Trip Report of Mount Assiniboine and Colordo Fall Color

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Ever since I saw the landscape photographs of Mount Assiniboine in Alberta, Canada several years ago, I knew I just had to get there. It’s a remote place, where you access a small lodge by helicopter. We arrived at mid-day in the rain, with more rain in the forecast for our 48 hour stay. To our surprise and joy, it cleared that night and we hiked up the trail to the point called The Niblet before dawn. It may have provided me with the best photo I have ever taken.

Mount Assiniboine in Canada
"Another World" - Click Photo To Purchase

Fall colors At mount Assiniboine
"Fall At Assiniboine" - Click Photo To Purchase

clouds over mount assiniboine
"Surposiing Slies" - Click Photo To Purchase

After Assiniboine, it was on to Ouray, Colorado to photograph the fall colors in that region. Shortly after arriving, it began to rain and snow. Although this was going to speed the decline of the color in the trees, I knew it would deliver snow to the mountain peaks. In addition, the snow was going to provide a special look to the golden aspen trees.

Snow covered mountain in fall in colorado
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Fall color and snow covered mountain colorado
"All The Colors" - Click Photo To Purchase

Aspen tree panorama in fall color
"Among The Aspens" - Click Photo To Purchase

Trees with fall colors with fresh snow
"Seasonal Conflict" - Click Photo To Purchase

In one of those magic moments, I returned for a second attempt to photograph sunset at North Twilight Peak. The mountain was totally covered by a snowstorm and, just minutes before sunset color, the storm cleared resulting in the photograph titled Double Twilight. I kept thinking how lucky I had been during the one hour drive back to Ouray. Lucky ain’t all bad.

Twilight Peak in Colorado with fresh snow at sunset
"Twilight Surprise" - Click Photo To Purchase

Next up are fall colors in Oregon. Stay tuned.

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