Acadia National Park Trip Report of Fall Color and Rocky Coastlines

New Fine Art Pictures of Lighthouses and Fall Color on the Maine Coast

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There is so much to like about the Maine coast in the Fall. The rocky coast is unlike anywhere else in the United States, and the sunrises can be nothing short of spectacular. Quaint towns like Bar Harbor are just a pleasure to visit. The fall colors with reds and oranges are amazing. On top of it all, there are delicious Lobster Rolls everywhere.

Acadia National Park is loaded with photographic opportunities. For my first sunrise there, I headed to the Rocky Coast near Thunder Hole. I like this area as there are possibilities in multiple directions. The sunrise did not let me down.

Rocky Coast Sunrise
"Rocky Coast Sunrise" - Click Photo To Purchase
Sun On The Rocks
"Sun on the Rocks" - Click Photo To Purchase

It wasn’t hard to find nice fall color. One of the most enjoyable walks I had was on Jesup Path, which was surrounded by a variety of trees with fall color.

Jesup Path
"Jesup Path" - Click Photo To Purchase
Acadia Orange
"Acadia Orange" - Click Photo To Purchase

One of the locations that I had not photographed on previous trips there was Boulder Beach. When I arrived in the pre-dawn darkness and had to stumble around on the big, round rocks, I realized I should have scoped out my spot the previous afternoon. After the sun rose over the horizon and lit up the boulders and the coastline, I forgave myself for this little mistake. I captured the image I was after.

Boulder Beach
"Boulder Beach" - Click Photo To Purchase

Close to Acadia National Park is the Asticou Azalea Garden and the white footbridge at the Somesville Garden. These locations are transformed in the fall to amazing and colorful scenes.

Red Reflection
"Red Reflection" - Click Photo To Purchase
Somesville Garden
"Somesville Garden" - Click Photo To Purchase

Other fall color scenes are scattered throughout the Park. I had always wanted to capture an image of one of the stone bridges during the fall, and I made good use of a cloudy afternoon to do so. A rainy day had the stones on Little Hunters Beach wet and saturated with color.

Stone Bridge
"Stone Bridge" - Click Photo To Purchase
Colorful Cobblestones
"Colorful Cobblestones" - Click Photo To Purchase

Other fun locations to photograph are Monument Cove and Jordan Pond.

Monument Cove
"Monument Cove" - Click Photo To Purchase
Jordan Pond
"Jordan Pond" - Click Photo To Purchase

One of the cool things about the Maine Coast are the lighthouses. To the north of the Park is the Marshall Point Lighthouse, which was in the movie “Forrest Gump” as one of the locations he stopped at during his long run. To the south of the Park is the Permaquid Point Lighthouse. The view of the lighthouse reflecting in a large puddle at sunrise was a fun one to photograph. On another day, I photographed it from nearby with an amazing sunrise.

Marshall Point Lighthouse
"Marshall Point Lighthouse" - Click Photo To Purchase

Permaquid Point Lighthouse
"Permaquid Point Lighthouse" - Click Photo To Purchase

Permaquid Sunrise
"Permaquid Sunrise" - Click Photo To Purchase

Fortunately, fall colors take place at different times during the year at different places. While mid-October was great in Maine, I will be going next to Caddo Lake in Texas in mid-November for fall colors on the Cypress Trees. It's going to be fun kayaking through the swamp.