Georgia Mountains Fall Color Photography Trip Report

New Fine Art Pictures of Mountain Sunrises and Waterfalls with Fall Color

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There are a variety of options in late October for fall color. This year, I was visiting with family in North Georgia, but I knew there were some opportunities there. I did my usual research in advance, made notes of my main targets and headed out.

I was pleased to see how much color there was in some of the locations. I don’t often shoot a scene with a road in it, but the paving was new, dark, wet and begging to be included. So, I obliged.

A Georgia mountain road surrounded by trees in fall color
"Fall Road" - Click Photo To Purchase

As with anywhere, you have no idea if you are going to have any decent color in the sky at sunrise or sunset. Over the years I have done this, I would say it is about 20% of the time something good happens. This is making the 5am and early alarms harder to get up for. We did manage two good sunrises and one good sunset.

colorful sunset skies over the rolling Georgia mountains
"As The Sun Sets" - Click Photo To Purchase

dramatic sunset skies over mountains with trees in fall colors in Georgiaat overlook
"Georgia Glow" - Click Photo To Purchase

A vertical view of a dramatic sunrise over the Georgia mountains
"Color Explosion" - Click Photo To Purchase

Pretty much anywhere in mountain areas, there are going to be waterfalls. The first one, Brasstown Falls, required hiking a remote trail and then sliding down a steep, wet, muddy embankment on one’s rear end while carrying the gear. Clothes had to be washed, but it was well worth it.

Water cascading over a rock cliff at Brasstown Falls in South Carolina
"Carolina Cascade" - Click Photo To Purchase

The other waterfall doesn’t have an official name and is located at the end of a long dirt road along Dick’s Creek. The first morning, to my surprise, several guys and their large dog were there fishing off the rocks on the side and I just couldn’t get a good image without them or their dog in it. I got there maybe 30 minutes after sunrise, which I guess was too late. The next morning, I got there before sunrise and beat them to it. It’s amazing who you can run into when you least expect it.

Dicks Creek Falls with swirls in the water and fall colors in the trees in Georgia
"Creek Swirls" - Click Photo To Purchase

Next up in November are the South Georgia swamps, where the cypress trees should be displaying their fall colors. I’ve got my locations well planned, and just hope I don’t have to compete again with guys fishing.

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