Photography Trip Report of Fall In Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons

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Although I have photographed in both Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks before, I had not been there in the Fall. I have been spending the fall season shooting in Utah and Colorado in the past, but it was time for a change.

We spent the first part of the trip in Yellowstone, and while there are not Aspens or other trees that turn color there in the Fall, there is so much else there.

The hot springs at the Geyser Basins, Grand Prismatic in particular, offer a wonderful opportunity to capture some great colors with the rising steam.

Prismatic Gold
"Prismatic Gold" - Click Photo To Purchase

Into The Sunset
"Into The Sunset" - Click Photo To Purchase

The massive waterfall in the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River, never ceases to amaze me. It was suggested that the landscape around it formed the shape of a heart. I didn’t see it before, but I do now.

Canyon Falls
"Canyon Falls" - Click Photo To Purchase

I have previously passed on shooting Gibbon Falls, but it occurred to me that maybe a close-up of the lower part of the falls would work. The light was hitting the rocks in the upper right and it worked beautifully. Sometimes you just have to give some locations some extra thought.

Gibbon Falls
"Gibbon Falls" - Click Photo To Purchase

After Yellowstone, it was on to the Grand Tetons. We were excited by the opportunity presented to us with an unexpected snowstorm covering the mountains. It is so rare to have an early season snowfall. While we waited for the skies to clear, we spent a few days tracking down some really nice fall color scenes.

Fall Mix
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Aspen Angles
"Aspen Angels" - Click Photo To Purchase

Red Moment
"Red Moment" - Click Photo To Purchase

I even delayed my flight out to be able to be there when the weather improved and the mountains were visible. It was two incredible days. On the third day, as I headed to the airport, the snow moved back in and the mountains were gone, once again. I didn’t mind. I had been given photographic opportunities that were previously only in my wildest imagination.

Rare Reflection
"Rare Reflection" - Click Photo To Purchase

Peak Storm
"Peak Storm" - Click Photo To Purchase

Snake River Fall
"Snake River Fall" - Click Photo To Purchase

North View
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Seasonal Mix
"Seasonal Mix" - Click Photo To Purchase

Soft Morning
"Soft Morning" - Click Photo To Purchase

Next up will be an exploratory trip to Utah to locations that I have not been to before, some quite remote. Of course, I’ll be searching for fall color.

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