Carolina Coast and Oak Trees Photography Trip Report

New Fine Art Pictures of Botany Bay, Wormsloe Plantation and Coast Sunrise

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South Carolina Landscape Photography

Last August I attempted to photograph the coastal areas but was plagued by the dreaded cloudless skies and came away with zip. So, I looked at winter sun angles and tide charts and decided to try again. The result, while never what you really want, was vastly better skies and 10 decent images.

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In North Carolina, I had wanted to photograph the Manteo lighthouse at dusk, with its nicely lit pier and reflections. I didn’t get color in the sky, but I did get calm water, which was great for the reflections. The line of trees in Lake Matamuskeet provide for a unique photograph and it was at the top of my list. April would be when the sun rises directly behind the trees and a return trip may be in order.

A panoramic view of the Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse reflecting in the water at night on the North Carolina Outer Banks
"Manteo Lights" - Click Photo To Purchase

Pink and orange sunrise skies behind the Cypress trees in the water at Lake Mattamuskeet, North Carolina
"Mattamuskeet" - Click Photo To Purchase

There are only a couple of old wooden jetties in South Carolina that are in good enough shape to photograph. At Pawley’s Island the sun was going to rise in line with the jetty on January 20th and the tide would be high at sunrise, so this was a priority. If you always do your research for sun angels and tides, you will be rewarded. At the north end of Folley Beach is the only other jetty in such great condition. It was a different day, but the results were equally good. Also nearby, is Huntington Beach, which is worth spending some time at.

A panoramic view of the sun rising at the end of a wooden jetty in South Carolina
"Jetty Sunrise" - Click Photo To Purchase

Just south of Charleston on Edisto Island is the Botany Bay “Boneyard”, where dead trees remain stranded on the beach. Once again, you need to be there when the tide is high at sunrise. I was fortunate to have calm seas, which really made the long exposures work well in smoothing out the water. Of course, some nice color in the sky didn’t hurt.

Sunrise colors above a bare tree in the water at Boneyard Beach in South Carolina
"Coastal Colors" - Click Photo To Purchase

Two trees in the water at Boneyard beach in South Carolina
"Two Trees" - Click Photo To Purchase

One last subject was the entrance road to the Wormsloe Plantation just outside of Savannah, Georgia. The conditions were perfect with the trees still west from recent rain, but without any puddles in the red dirt road.

A long Oak tree tunnel over the entrance road at the Wormsloe Plantation, South Carolina
"Wormsloe Plantation" - Click Photo To Purchase

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