Photography Trip Report of The Lofoten Islands Of Norway in Winter

New Fine Art Pictures of Snow-covered Mountains and Red Cabins

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At the far north end of Norway, above the 68th parallel, lie the Lofoten Islands. The jagged mountains rise straight up out of the various fjords and are so close, it seems you can reach out and touch them. The wintertime photography there is exceptional and has only become popular in recent years, which is somewhat surprising.

The combination of the red Norwegian cabins against the snow covered mountains is simply stunning. Everywhere you look there are amazing photographic opportunities. The days were short with sunrise at 9:00 am and sunset at 3:30pm. This gave us great low light all day. As a bonus, there was the ability to photograph the Aurora, which we were able to do on one of the clear nights.

Understandably, I’ve been wanting to get there for a few years. It finally worked out for me this year and I couldn’t have been happier with the results. I am looking forward to going back.

sunrise on red cabins in norway lofoten islands
"Perfect Sunrise" - Click Photo To Purchase

reflection of mountains in water in lofoten norway
"Soft Reflections" - Click Photo To Purchase

harbor in lofoten norway
"Cloud Movement" - Click Photo To Purchase

snow covered beach in lofoten norway
"Snowbeach" - Click Photo To Purchase

harbor with red cabins in lofoten norway
"The Harbor" - Click Photo To Purchase

sunrise on mountains and red cabins in lofoten norway
"Cotton Candy" - Click Photo To Purchase

lofoten norway wood structure
"Norwegian Wood" - Click Photo To Purchase

northern lighs over mountain in lofoten norway
"Norwegian Nights" - Click Photo To Purchase

mountain reflecting in smooth water lofoten norway
"Smooth Winter" - Click Photo To Purchase

frozen lake in front of mountains lofoten norway
"Frozen" - Click Photo To Purchase

waves breaking over rocks in front of mountain lofoten norway
"Winter Waves" - Click Photo To Purchase

moon setting above cabin lofoten norway
"Cabin Moonset" - Click Photo To Purchase

Next up will be Death Valley and the Eastern Sierra in March.

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