Acadia National Park Photography Trip Report of the Maine Coast

New Fine Art Pictures of Lighthouses and Cobblestone Bridges in Fall

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Acadia National Park Photography
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In August, the sun rises and sets in Maine from the best locations. The other issue on the coast is the tides. You really want to be there when the tide is close to high at sunrise and sunset to avoid the look of low tide, which is not that attractive.

So, with the timing figured out, it was off to Maine. I have been wanting to photograph the very picturesque Portland Head Light for several years. I stayed in Portland for five days just to be sure I got the sky that I wanted and it worked out great. One day at a location is just not going to get you the best results. It can be a little boring, but that’s just the way it goes.

I spent the other half of my time four hours north at Acadia National Park. I had been there a couple of times before, but did not get the results I was looking for on Cadillac Mountain or at the Bass Harbor Lighthouse. In between, I was able to capture some nice images at the Cobblestone Bridge.

Success feels good in any form, and this was no exception. Next up will be the Wasatch Mountains at the end of September for fall colors and mountain vistas. I haven’t been there before and look forward to some serious exploration of the area. I may even sneak in a special side trip.

Sunset skies over the Portland Head Lighthouse and rocky coast in Maine
"Soft Sunset" - Click Photo To Purchase

Sunrise view of Bar Harbor from the top of Cadillac Mountain
"Harbor View" - Click Photo To Purchase

Bass Harbor Lighthouse at sunset in Acadia National Park
"Harbor Light" - Click Photo To Purchase

A vertical view of stone steps on a trail in the woods in Acadia National Park
"Walk In The Woods" - Click Photo To Purchase

Large river boulders under the Cobblestone Bridge in Acadia National Park
"Boulders and Stones" - Click Photo To Purchase

A view of the Cobblestone Bridge from the side in Acadia National Park
"Side Glance" - Click Photo To Purchase

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