Iceland Photography Trip Report of Mountains and Waterfalls in Summer

New Fine Art Pictures of Kirkjufell, Skogafoss and Other Waterfalls

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Iceland Landscape Photography

My daughter Kelly and I went to Iceland four years ago, but it is too much to cover in one trip so we finally made our return in July. I had done much more research and planning this time so I wouldn’t leave out anything of importance. The first trip is always one of learning and you try to fill in what you missed on the second trip.

Road 1, or “the ring road”, circles the island. I really wanted to travel the entire road, which we did this time, driving clockwise around the island and over 2,000 miles during the 10 days we were there. This enabled us to photograph Godafoss, the largest waterfall, which is on the north side of the island.

There are challenges to photographing in Iceland. I can’t begin to pronounce any of the names of the locations. It is an old Viking language that seems closer to Klingon than anything else I am familiar with. Fortunately, cell phones and the internet works most everywhere so Google Maps on the phone kept us from getting lost. We didn’t have that advantage four years ago. Summer days are about 20 hours long, food and restrooms can be hard to find and some of the driving on the winding, two lane ring road is crazy. But who cares, we were in Iceland!

Flight delays in and out of New York’s JFK airport caused us to get there a day late and miss our first night near Kirkjufellfoss, but we cut short another location at the end and got there and had great success. You just have to be flexible with your schedule.

In the end, we accomplished our goals and came away with the images we were hoping for. There are definite some that will wind up on the wall. The person in the red jacket at the base of the waterfall is Kelly. She got a little wet, but it made the shot adding scale.

The curving waterfall called Godafoss at sunrise in Iceland
"Godafoss Sunrise" - Click Photo To Purchase

The waterfall called Godafoss at sunrise with aqua water below in Iceland
"Godafoss Glory" - Click Photo To Purchase

A remote and strange looking canyon in Iceland
"Hobbit Canyon" - Click Photo To Purchase

A vertical view of colorful tundra around the Haifoss waterfall in Iceland
"Deep Colors" - Click Photo To Purchase

A cascade of multiple waterfalls in Iceland
"Icelandic Cascades" - Click Photo To Purchase

A vertical view of the powerful waterfall Skogafoss in iceland
"Pure Power" - Click Photo To Purchase

Lush greenery surrounding the Skogafoss waterfall in Iceland
"Skogafoss Curl" - Click Photo To Purchase

A view of a stunning sunset from behind the Seljalandsfoss waterfall in Iceland
"Seljalandsfoss Sunset" - Click Photo To Purchase

A stunning sunset sky over Kirkjufell Mountain and the triple waterfall in Iceland
"Emergence" - Click Photo To Purchase

Closeup of the triple falls at Kirkjufell in iceland in front of sunset skies
"Triple Falls" - Click Photo To Purchase

Next up will be an expedition in August to Maine to photograph some of the famous lighthouses there.

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