California Eastern Sierra Photography Trip Report of Mountains In Winter

New Fine Art Pictures of Snow-covered Mountains and Eureka Dunes

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There are many photographic possibilities in the Eastern Sierra Mountains of California. We arrived right when the big winter storms were hitting the mountains. We really didn’t know if this unusual weather was going to help or hurt our efforts.

We were based in Bishop, California. Initially, the blowing rain and snow limited the locations we would go to. The weather began to clear, but we still couldn’t go to some of the locations to the north because of heavy snow on the roads. Fortunately, there are some beautiful mountains to the south of Bishop near the town of Lone Pine.

The sunrises and sunsets were fairly spectacular because of the clouds from the storm system. Even though it was winter, there was still substantial color to be found within the various foliage, especially when it was being lighted by the warm early morning sun.

Snow-covered mountains behind layers of many colors in the grass in the Eastern Sierra mountains of Californiantains in winter
"Winter Colors" - Click Photo To Purchase

sun setting in the clouds over the california eastern sierra mountains
"Setting Soon" - Click Photo To Purchase

A closeup of the peaks of mountains in the Eastern Sierra mountains of California
"Sunrise Peak" - Click Photo To Purchase

sunset skies over the california eastern sierra mountains
"Sierra Sunset" - Click Photo To Purchase

sunrise clouds over the snow-covered eastern sierra mountains of california
"Sierra Sunrise" - Click Photo To Purchase

early light on cottonwood trees in the eastern sierra mountains of California
"First Light" - Click Photo To Purchase

sunrise light on cottonwood trees and layers of color in the Eastern Sierra Mountains
"Cottonwoods" - Click Photo To Purchase

We also went down to Death Valley. Much of what we wanted to do there wasn’t possible because of flooding there due to rare heavy rain. As we left Death Valley and headed back to Bishop, we saw a crazy cloud formation over Eureka Dunes. The contrast of the warm sand and the cool sky was simply striking.

Storm Clouds flowing over the mountains onto Eureka Dunes in Death Valley National Park
"Desert Contrasts" - Click Photo To Purchase

Next up in March is an expedition to Alaska to photograph the Northern Lights in the central part of the state and eagles down south near the town of Homer.

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