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Bison and Musk Ox fine art photography prints are for sale showcasing the imposing Bison and Musk Ox in their natural habitat. These Limited Edition, Museum quality photographs are available as Fine Art prints, Metal prints or Acrylic prints. Large scale prints up to 6 feet or more in size are available.

The Very Impressive American Bison

The American Bison is sometimes referred to as a Buffalo. For many years, it was depicted on the back of the nickel coin, referred to as a buffalo nickel. They became the national mammal of the United States in 2016. Photos of Bison are most easily obtained at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.

Some estimates have as many as 60 million that were roaming the west in the late 18th century. Their population decreased to under 1,000 animals due to overhunting and general slaughter, but with current protections there are over 30,000 animals in the United States today in protected parks and reserves. There are over 180,000 on private farms being raised for food.

Musk Ox are equally impressive. The best place to photograph them is in Alaska. The one in this gallery was found in the Brooks Range.

Bring Home The Experience

These Bison and Musk Ox Prints and Wall Art allow you the opportunity to imagine being out there in the wild from within the safety of your own home. One of these beautiful portraits of Bison will add a dramatic focal point to any room!

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Fine Art Print Options

My Limited Edition Fine photography of Bison and Musk Ox are available for you to purchase as Fine Art Prints and place in your home or office. The are available as Lumachrome® HD Trulife® Acrylic Prints, Exhibit Mounted Metal Prints, and Fuji Crystal Archive Paper Prints. After selecting the desired photo, just select the type and size of print you would like to purchase in the area beneath the photo.

If you are looking for a different size than what is shown or have any other special needs, please contact me.

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