The Best Bryce Canyon National Park Photography Locations

Bryce Canyon Fine Art Landscape Photography

Guide to the Top Photo Spots in Bryce Canyon National Park

From personal experience, these locations in Bryce Canyon National Park are the best for landscape photography. I also offer my thoughts on when are the best times of the year to be there to capture the best possible photographs.

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Bryce Canyon National Park Photography

Bryce Canyon National Park is a true gem for both photographers and hikers. Although I have not taken the time to walk the trails down among the hoodoos, I can see that they would be spectacular hikes.

Top 4 Bryce Canyon Photo Locations

1. Inspiration Point

This location is close to the main hoodoo bowl and allows for some close-up photos of some of the more interesting hoodoos. It is great in the winter and at the end of the day.

2. Bryce Point

This location provides a view of what seems like the entire park. The rising sun lights up the bowl beautifully and it isn't to be missed. If the Park seems a little crowded, get there early as there are limited places to stand at the end of the trail that extends out to get a view of the bowl.

3. Fairyland Point

I like Fairyland Point because of the greenery that is among the hoodoos. I love the contrast that it brings. There are quite a few options here as well. It is always a good idea to scout out an area in advance so you know exactly where you want to be when the magic happens.

4. Thor's Hammer

If it's a clear morning, you have a chance to capture the sun bursting from behind Thor's Hammer. It's one of those fun things to do when you don't have dramatic clouds. It's a short walk down from Sunset Point on the Navajo Trail. It's icy in winter and having spikes on your boots can save you and your gear.

Other Locations in Bryce Canyon National Park

There are quite a few other worthwhile locations. You can't be at more than one when the sun rises, so some advance planning is needed. In addition to the above, there is Sunrise Point, Sunset Point, Natural Bridge, Paria View, and others along the road down the south end at Rainbow Point.

Best Times To Be At Bryce Canyon National Park

I have photographed the Park both when there was snow and when there was not. It is one of those National Parks where the scenes are impressive with and without snow. I like it both ways. It is close to 8,000 feet in elevation, so it can be very cold there. I was shooting in sub-zero temperatures after a freak snowstorm in November! So, check ahead and be prepared.

it is possible to obtain some good photographs at sunset, but the very best time is sunrise when the sun peaks over the horizon and casts its warm orange light on the hoodoo bowls. In a matter of minutes, the hoodoos begin to wash out, so get in place well before sunrise.

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