Eagles Flying and Eagles Fishing Fine Art Photography Prints and Wall Arl

Eagles flying photography print as wall art

Pictures of American Bald Eagles Flying and Fishing in Alaska

An American Bald Eagle photography gallery of fine art photos of Bald Eagles in flight by professional wildlife photographer Joseph C. Filer, capturing bald eagles flying and fishing in their natural habitat off the coast of Alaska.

Eagles Flying photography prints are for sale as Limited Edition Fine Art Paper Prints, Chromaluxe® Metal Prints, and non-glare TruLife® Acrylic Prints. Frames and large-scale prints 6 feet or more in size are available.

My Eagles Flying and Fishing Photography Experience

I have spent quite a few days both on the coast and on the water in boats photographing bald eagles in flight and their fishing activities. As incredible as the still photos are, they do not capture the feeling of having one of these huge eagles swoop down close to you. My eagle photography would not be complete without these photographs of them flying and fishing.

Facts About Eagles

An eagle may resemble a vulture in build and flight characteristics but has a fully feathered head and strong feet equipped with great curved talons. Bald eagles pluck fish out of the water with their talons. The adult male is about 36 inches long and has a wingspan of 6.6 feet. Females may reach 43 inches in length and have a wingspan of 8 feet. Both are dark brown with a white head and tail.

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The Impressive American Bald Eagle In Flight

The Bald Eagle is the National Bird of the United States and I am proud that it is. It is simply the most majestic and impressive bird in the world. They are huge with a 6 to 7-foot wingspan. I have been fortunate to capture photos of Bald Eagles and felt a sense of pride with every one.

Capturing the photo of a Bald Eagle in flight is an exhilarating experience. They are fast and change directions in a split second. Sometimes when they swoop down closely overhead, it sounds like an F-16 fighter jet going over. As a wildlife photographer, it is one of the most exciting things I have ever done.