Interior Design Ideas Using Fine Art Landscape Photography

A Guide For Decorating With Landscape Photography

Should fine art landscape photography be included in your overall interior design plans and does it truly have a place in your home or office?

The answers are a resounding Yes and Yes. A well-placed piece of fine art nature photography can transform any room and tie together the interior decorating elements… curtains, furniture, and other elements.

The Importance of Fine Art Landscape Photographs in Interior Decorating

The artwork you choose defines your interior style and sets the tone and mood of the room. Yet most homeowners know little to nothing about choosing the right fine art landscape photograph….. one that can complement their interior design decor. They are missing a golden opportunity as fine art photography can and should be a focal point in your home or office and can shape and change the entire feel of your room. Most of us want to create a home or office space that is warm and inviting and puts people at ease.

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Which Comes First – the Wall or the Photograph?

Let’s discuss the variables when choosing a fine art nature landscape print. My first question would be are you looking for a print to display on an empty wall or is your starting point the landscape print… one you have fallen in love with and now need to find the space to display it? Either choice lends itself to various assessments and decisions.

If you are beginning a room remodel or decorating a new home, you could choose a large statement artwork and design around it. For this article, I am assuming you have a blank wall space over a piece of furniture and want to have a wonderful picture that would be a focal point in your room.

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The Role Color Plays in Interior Design

Most likely the first and foremost consideration when choosing a fine art landscape print is to ask: What are the predominant colors seen in the photograph? Color tells us a lot about you and what is mood important in your day-to-day life. The cooler-toned colors tend to bring about a calming effect while warmer tones such as yellows convey happiness.

One interior design concept is for the colors in your fine art nature photograph to match the colors in your room… for your photograph to tie the interior decorating style and room colors together. These “analogous” colors are composed of a root color complimented by two or more colors that are all next to each other on the color wheel. This tends to be the simplest design style when choosing a color scheme for your home. The colors do not have to match perfectly but they need to be of the same color palette. The colors could match the sofa or bedspread or perhaps the carpet or oriental rug.

But analogous colors are not your only option when assessing which colors to use. You can also use other colors found on the color harmony wheel that will create a cohesive palette in your room. For example, “complementary” colors are ones that are exactly opposite each other on the wheel, and using these colors would create contrast and tension and a more dramatic tone.

"Monochromatic” colors are all the tones, tints, and shades of a single hue such as light, medium, and dark blue. If your goal is to keep your space sophisticated, it is a good idea to stay with a consistent color scheme in a room to keep it cohesive.

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Your Fine Art Photograph and Wall Color and Interior Design

The colors in your fine art nature landscape picture will also be affected by the color of your walls as wall color brightness can also impact the appearance of fine art nature prints. If your fine art photograph has brighter colors, the wall color can change the effect of the print in the room but a darker-colored photograph can be dramatically changed in appearance by a dark versus light wall color.

The End Result – Interior Design is Completed by Fine Art Nature Photography

What is it that we are looking for when we walk into our home or office space? I think we are all looking for a space where we feel connected.. a room that says come stay a while… an office space that feels personal and warm … not cold and intimidating.

I am certain that you will able to find in one of my fine art landscape photography galleries a print that can do that… a photograph that, when displayed on your wall, says “Welcome Home” and brings a sense of peace when you view it. Please let me know if I can be of any help to you as you look for a fine art print that will match your interior design goals.

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