Knowledge is Power For Buying Fine Art Landscape Photography

Knowledge is Power – Sir Francis Bacon (Meditationes Sacrae - 1597)

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“Knowledge is power.” This famous quote was first said by Sir Francis Bacon (Meditationes Sacrae - 1597) but has been used by others throughout history such as Thomas Jefferson to emphasize that knowledge is an important aspect in the lives of successful people.

But the question is: what does “knowledge is power” mean in relation to buying landscape photography? Knowledge can include skills, experience, and education which, when used, can help us make wise decisions. The information gained helps us create a sense of power and success due to the self-satisfaction of feeling secure in our decision-making choices.

Why Information is Important for Buyers of Fine Art Landscape Photography.

Purchasing fine art landscape photos is not an inexpensive undertaking and you, the buyer, do not want to make a mistake when making your purchase. You want to feel confident with your purchase and make a wise decision.

The more information you have, the better your decisions will be. So, you may be wondering….how do you gain valuable information and knowledge about purchasing fine art photography?

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5 Ways to Gain Valuable Knowledge and Wisdom Before Buying Fine Art Landscape Photos

1. Knowing Where to Look
Your first step is to educate yourself by reading and visiting galleries and places where fine art can be purchased. Some great examples are: finding a landscape print at a craft fair or local art show; a brick-and-mortar art and photography gallery; purchasing from an online photography gallery; or, purchasing directly from the photographer.

2. Know What you Want to Buy and Why

Part of the reason to do some looking is to determine what you want to buy… to think about what you would like to purchase and why. For example, do you like mountain photography or seascape photography? Should you consider matching colors in the room?

There are lots of factors that determine what is a “good” image or a worthwhile investment, but ultimately what matters is you. If you’ve fallen in love with a piece, then everything else falls away. Buy what you love and you will not regret it.

3. Determining your Interior Design Style
What is it that we are looking for when we walk into our home or office space? The artwork you choose defines your interior style and sets the tone and mood of the room.

I think we are all looking for a space where we feel connected.. a room that says come stay a while… an office space that feels personal and warm … not cold and intimidating,

4. Print Options and Style
If you are buying a fine art photograph online, you will have choices regarding print style. Do you want an acrylic print? Metal? Once again, knowledge is power as researching and asking questions about the various print options will allow you to make your decision with confidence.

5. To Frame or Not to Frame

If you are purchasing from an online landscape photographer, you will have framing options. Many fine art photographers use the Roma Moulding Italian wood frames.

The detailed texture preserves the warmth and beauty of the aged wood. This is another area where having knowledge of the various kinds of frames and reasons to frame a photo versus not using a frame would be of great benefit.

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Knowledge is power. Rather, knowledge is happiness, because to have knowledge – broad, deep knowledge – is to know true ends from false, and lofty things from low. - Helen Keller

In today’s technology-oriented world, landscape photography buyers can access a great deal of information which can then allow them to gain insights and knowledge that can truly affect their purchase decisions. The more knowledge that you, the buyer, have then the more you will be able to make a wise decision about purchasing a fine art landscape photograph.

Thus, for the fine art landscape photography buyer – Knowledge Truly is Power.

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