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Mountain Goat photography print as wall art

Pictures of Mountain Goats in the Wild on Mount Evans in Colorado

A Mountain Goat photography gallery of fine art photos of Mountain Goats by professional wildlife photographer Joseph C. Filer, capturing these beautiful animals in their natural habitat on Mount Evans in Colorado.

Mountain Goat photography prints are for sale as Limited Edition Fine Art Paper Prints, Chromaluxe® Metal Prints, and non-glare TruLife® Acrylic Prints. Frames and large-scale prints 6 feet or more in size are available.

My Mountain Goat Photography Experience

Mountains goat and their kids hang out in the summer at the top of Mount Evans in Colorado. It took me a day or two to acclimate to hiking around at the 14,000-foot elevation of the mountain. The mornings seemed to be the best time for getting mountain goat photos.

Facts About Mountain Goats

The mountain goat (Oreamnos americanus) is also called the Rocky Mountain goat. Large males can weigh more than 260 pounds and the females weigh about 130–200 pounds. Males and females have harp, slightly backward-curving, black horns that are 2–10 inches long. Mountain goats do not butt heads but instead stab each other with their horns. They are stocky climbers with muscular legs and broad hooves and stand about 39 inches at the shoulder.

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The Amazing Abilities of Mountain Goats

Like the Dall Sheep, the Mountain Goat is a large all-white mammal. Also, like the Dall Sheep, they are right at home on steep, rocky mountain slopes. They can move fast on the rocks, which helps keep them safe from predators.

The best place to capture photos of Mountain Goats is at the top of Mount Evans in Colorado. This location is only open for a couple of months in the summer due to snow and ice on the road the rest of the year. The Kids jump and play with each other while staying close to Mom. I was pleased to capture photos of the Mountain Goats out on the rocks in front of stunning mountain scenery.

History, Habitat and Facts About North American Mountain Goats

Mountain goats are the most widespread large land mammal in North America. They are found in Alaska, Canada, and the United States. Mountain goats have a fear of humans and can be aggressive if they feel threatened. With more mountain goat sightings being reported in parks throughout the US, it is important for us to know some facts about them so we can live with them harmoniously. Let's explore some of their history and habitat to create a better understanding of their conservation needs today.

Facts About Mountain Goats

Mountain goats are the largest mammal found in North America. They can grow up to 6 feet long and weigh up to 300 pounds. Mountain goats do not have hooves, but rather they have two toes that are similar to an elephant's foot. They are known for their great climbing skills and can be seen in many mountainous regions in North America including Alaska, British Columbia, Canada, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming.

History of Mountain Goats

Mountain goats were first seen in Canada around the 18th century. European explorers hunted them for their fur and meat, but they didn't become a nuisance because we had few people living in mountain ranges. In the 1900s, many people immigrated to the mountains and hunted them for sport. Mountain goats were becoming a nuisance and they were killed for this reason. They were also killed by ranchers and farmers, who thought that they were damaging crops and livestock.

Habitat of Mountain Goats

Mountain goats are adaptable animals that have adapted to living in the rugged mountains. They are found in Alaska, Canada, and the US. Mountain goats live in habitats at high elevations. Their habitats range from high-elevation alpine tundras, steep cliffs, talus slopes, ice fields, glaciers, and meadows.

North American Mountain Goats as a Species

Mountain goats are born with a brown coat, but by the time they are one year old, their coat changes to a dirty, grayish-white. Mountain goats eat plants and grasses and can live in rocky and steep terrain. They climb with their balance and surefootedness on the rocks and cliffs of the mountainsides. Mountain goats have a sense that alerts them when predators approach. Most mountain goats don’t like humans, but they will run away if humans are perceived as threats.

Conservation Status and Threats

The mountain goat, Oreamnos americanus, is a large mammal that lives in North America. They are the most widely distributed large land mammal in North America and they are found in Alaska, Canada, and the United States. Mountain goats have a fear of humans and can be aggressive if they feel threatened or cornered. With more sightings being reported of these animals in parks throughout the US it is important for us to know some facts about them so we can live with them harmoniously.

Mountain Goats are found throughout North America, with their populations growing in numbers in the western regions. Populations of Mountain Goats are on the decline because of predators like grizzly bears, wolves, and cougars. They also face habitat loss because of land development and global warming.