The Emotional Attraction We Have to Mountain Photos

Pink sunrise skies over the Grand Tetons reflecting in the Snake River

The Beauty, Experiences and Challenges that Attract Us To Mountains

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Mountain Photos – Why We are Drawn to Them

I cannot speak for the everyday person but I know, for me, there is something about being in the midst of mountains that speaks to me emotionally. Different mountain ranges also elicit different emotional reactions. Why do mountains have such a powerful emotional pull on us?

What Does it Mean to be Emotionally Attached?

Being emotionally attached means we have a strong emotional connection or bond to something or someone. It often involves love or caring for another person, object, or experience. You have positive feelings. Your memories can be good ones that bring you joy.

I have wonderful memories as a child of exploring mountain trails on vacations as well as camping in mountain campgrounds. Growing up in the flatlands (AKA Miami, Florida) I treasured the awe-inspiring beauty I saw when looking at mountain vistas from overlooks such as those on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I have always been emotionally drawn to mountains and mountain ranges.

Colorful sunset skies over a snow-capped mountain with fall color in the trees in Colorado
"Twilight Surprise" - A Limited Edition print of 100 of a clearing storm at sunset in Southwest Colorado. Click on Photo to Purchase

Reasons We Are Emotionally Attracted to Mountains

Awe Inspiring Beauty: Most mountains are massive landforms and tower above us such as the Grand Tetons. Their size and shape as they rise out of the earth create a sense of awe. Their beauty inspires us and makes us stop in our tracks. Seeing the majestic mountains stirs up feelings of wonder and appreciation. We are drawn to them.

Humbling Experience: Standing at the foot of a mountain makes one feel insignificant and small. You get a sense of life’s bigger picture and how we are merely small pieces in it. Thoughts about the formation of these mountains over millions of years make our personal timeline seem short and fleeting.

Adventure and Challenge: Depending on your lifestyle and interest, mountains can be challenging to climb or hike. There are the true adventurers who scale sides of mountains—rappelling down them. I have taken several snow key trips where I tried to “conquer” the mountain on a pair of skis. Whereas I was not always successful, the thrill of accomplishment was always a wonderful feeling.

A panoramic view of a snow-covered Denali with Fall colors in the foreground in Alaska
"Lake View" - A Limited Edition print of 100 of the mountain called Denali in the Fall. Click on Photo to Purchase

Another Attraction of Mountains – Your Health

In today’s fast-paced technology-centered world, we often lose touch with nature and the natural world around us. This disconnect is harmful in many ways – short-term and long-term. It has negative effects on our physical, mental, and emotional health. Mountains can help us in these three areas.

Physical Health: hiking trails in mountains and walking in mountain forests can improve your physical health. It can help reduce stress which can lead to better sleep. (It can also wear you out, which your body responds to with a good night’s sleep!)

Mental Health: being connected to nature benefits our mental health by reducing depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. Standing at a mountain overlook and absorbing the beauty can give one a sense of calmness and peace. It can help improve your ability to focus and pay attention.

Our Emotional Health is intertwined with having a sense of being connected to something greater than ourselves. Connecting with nature can help us develop a deeper appreciation for the world we live in. We feel more connected to our inner spiritual self when standing and observing nature’s beauty. We sense something greater than ourselves.

Mount Shuksan at Picture lake with Fall colors and an exploding blue sky
"Picture Lake" - A Limited Edition print of 100 of Mount Shuksan at Picture Lake in the Fall. Click on Photo to Purchase

Mountain Memories

As noted above, I grew up in Miami, Florida. Some of my fondest memories as a child involved camping trips on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The Appalachian and Smoky Mountains have a softer feel than the majestic mountains in the West. They seem to wrap their green-covered mountainsides around you. I loved hiking the trails.

But I also loved the dramatic beauty and challenges of the mountains in the western United States. As an adult, I enjoyed trying to ski the mountains in Colorado. Standing on the slopes, catching my breath while soaking in the spectacular views is something I will never forget. Part of my enjoyment as a mountain landscape photographer stems from the memories I carry with me.

The mountains behind the aqua water of Moraine Lake in the Canadian Rockies
"Moraine Lake Colors" - A Limited Edition print of 100 of the mountain peaks at Moraine Lake, Alberta, Canada. Click on Photo to Purchase

The Joy of Mountain Photography

Whether you enjoy taking photos of mountains or simply like looking at mountain photography, the appeal is the same. Mountains have a powerful emotional pull on us. Their awe-inspiring beauty can create feelings of peace and joy which, in our technologically chaotic lives, is something we all need.