Decorating Florida Homes with Landscape Photography

Florida Tropical Beaches, Sunrises and Sunsets For Your Home Decor

What aspects of Florida home decor appeal to you? Sunny rooms…. the tropical patterns and colors? If you like the Florida decorating style, then you will enjoy the tips found in this article.

Florida is the third most populous state in the United States. Florida continues to be one of the top destinations, not just for vacation, but as a place people want to call home. In January of 2022, United Van Lines released the company’s 45th Annual National Movers Study, which tracks the company’s exclusive data for customers’ state-to-state migration patterns. The study determined that Florida was 5th on their list in regards to inbound migration (62%). The top five inbound states of 2021 were:

  1. Vermont (74%)
  2. South Dakota (69%)
  3. South Carolina (63%)
  4. West Virginia (63%)
  5. Florida (62%)
"St Johns Sunset" - A Limited Edition print of 100 of an incredible sunset on the St. Johns River in North Florida. Click on Photo to Purchase

Florida – By the Numbers

  • 2019 population - 21.5 M
  • Medium property value - $245,100
  • Coastline: 1,197 statute miles of coastline
  • Tidal shoreline: 2,276 statute miles of tidal shoreline
  • Beaches: 663 miles of beaches
  • Rivers, streams, and waterways: more than 11,000 miles
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Decorating your Florida Home with Fine Art Landscape Photography

What makes the perfect fine art photograph for a Florida home? Florida’s landscape is rich with its panoramic skyline and water views with spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

As a fine art collector, it is important to know how to purchase and display a collection of picturesque Florida landscape photos that will add beauty to your home or office

"Lake Jackson Sunrise" A Limited Edition print of 100 of a perfectly smooth Lake Jackson reflecting sunrise colors. Click on the Photo to Purchase.

How Do You Define Florida Landscape Wall Art Décor?

So how do you define Florida design or décor style? Florida landscape photos often bring to mind a tropical décor, coastal chic, or Key West style inspired by a feeling of casual, breezy seaside living.

They use bright colors and honor Florida’s varied landscape. Florida landscape photography may include sunrises; beach scenes; piers; bridges; or tree-lined hammock walkways.

"Palm Tree Sunrise" A Limited Edition print of 100 of a beautiful morning in the Florida Keys with it's palm trees in full display. Click on Photo to Purchase.

The Importance of Choosing the Best Florida Landscape Photograph

Knowing how to choose a Florida Landscape fine art picture for your home is important because beautiful artwork can have a major impact on a room. Too often artwork is treated as an afterthought but it has the ability to transform your Florida home and give your rooms a distinct personality with a Florida flair to them.

Where Do I Start When Decorating my Home with Florida Landscape Photos?

We would all love to find the perfect guide to decorating your Florida home that could provide you with ideas and guidance. From experience, I would suggest you give some thought to making your Florida landscape picture a centerpiece of your room.

What statement and/or emotion do you want it to convey? A sense of calm and peace? Do you want to see sunrises or swirling beach waters? The rest of the room will revolve around your Florida landscape fine art print.

"Surrounded" - A Limited Edition print of 100 showcasing a lone oak tree at sunrise in Central Florida, Click on Photo to Purchase.

What is the Essence of Florida Landscape Nature Photography?

That question is challenging as the landscape of the Sunshine State is varied. Photographs of the Everglades National Park convey isolation and the colors come from sunrise or sunset.

The landscape photography of Central Florida stands in contrast as it showcases dark greens, cypress swamps, and wooden boardwalks which creates a feeling of being connected to the landscape.

As you view the photos in my Florida Landscape collection, please keep in mind that my goal is always to create Florida landscape photographs that are truly fine art photographs. The question becomes… What Does Fine Art Photography Mean? Fine art photography is about conveying what the photographer is feeling when getting ready to click the camera shutter. I am certain my photos of Florida beaches, shores, and waters convey the beauty that I am seeing at that moment.

"Long Pine Key" - A Limited Edition print of 100 of a mirror image of the trees and sunrise sky at Long Pine Key in the Florida Everglades. Click on Photo to Purchase

What is Florida famous for?

Where are the best locations to take Florida landscape photography? Without a doubt, many iconic Florida photographs feature beaches, piers, and bridges. But a fine art landscape print has to be more than just a pretty picture… has to be able to capture the emotions felt by the photographer.

My photographs of the old Bahia Honda Bridge, with the varying shades of turquoise waters in the foreground, show how majestic it is at sunrise. Photographs of the sun rising evoke a sense of belonging to something bigger than ourselves.

The East Coast with its sunrises is not the only source of iconic Florida photographs. The Gulf Coast has hidden gems where you can photograph spectacular sunsets such as Naples’ Pier.

Florida Fine Art Nature Photography is special because the natural landscape of Florida is, simply put, beautiful. The fine art prints in my Florida landscape photography gallery showcase the variety of nature at its finest…. from sunlit clouds to blue calm waters or pastel-colored lakes. These prints would make a worthy addition to your fine art collection.

"Sunrise Movement" - A Limited Edition print of 100 of a blazing sunrise on the northeast Florida coast at Washington Oaks. Click on Photo to Purchase

What Kind of Fine Art Florida Picture Should You Buy?

So, if the best investment value of fine art is to improve the quality of your life, then you need to give serious thought to the kind of art you want to purchase. This is truly the $64 million dollar question. Does the Florida fine art landscape photograph……

  • Speak to you? Call your name?
  • Remind you of a trip you took or a trip you want to take?
  • Bring back memories of an event in your life or a special time in your life?

    Or, are you someone who just loves beaches and sunrises, and seeing those images transports you to a place that brings you peace and joy?
"Lido Key Sunrise" - A Limited Edition print of 100 of an incredible offshore sunrise storm at Lido Key, Florida. Click on Photo to Purchase

My Top Five Florida Locations For Photography

As a Florida native, there are many locations that I have returned to over and over. This is a Top Five list of locations but in no particular order. They are all great for their own reasons.

  1. East Coast Beaches at Juno Beach and Washington Oaks
  2. Gulf Coast Beaches At Naples and Lido Key
  3. Central Florida Lakes
  4. Florida Keys
  5. Emerald Coast Beaches of the Panhandle
"St Marks Sunrise" - A Limited Edition print of 100 of a gorgeous scene of sunrise light on the St Marks lightouse in the Florida Panhandle. Click on Photo to Purchase

The Emotional Value of Investing in Florida Fine Art Photography

The real and long-lasting value of investing in beautiful artwork for your home is the value it adds to your day-to-day life…to your home or office environment.

Fine art photography’s deepest and richest value is found in the emotional and aesthetic value it adds to your life. Creating an environment that is attractive and comforting is an important aspect of building your mental health…... of helping you grow and thrive.

Please view the various photographs in my Florida Landscapes, my Florida Keys Gallery, my Gulf Coast Gallery, and my Ocean Sunrises Gallery …. I am certain you will find one that would be an important emotional investment in your life.

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