Key West Photography Galleries and Fine Art

Key West palm trees on a beach as a print for a Key West Gallery
"Morning Path" - A Limited Edition print of 100 of the path to Smathers Beach at sunrise. Click on Photo to Purchase

Fine Art Photography Wall Art for Key West Homes

What comes to mind when someone mentions Key West? Do you think Hemingway and his novels such as “The Old Man and the Sea?” Or do Jimmy Buffet and Margaritas come to mind? No matter what comes to mind… Key West is a unique place. Key West, located at the southernmost point of the Florida Keys, is known for its beaches, crystal blue-green waters with coral reefs, and specular sunsets.

Key West is also known for its different cultures including Hispanic and Caribbean. Combine all these elements with a subtropical climate and what is the end result? Key West is the home to a vibrant and rich arts scene. You can see my complete gallery of Florida Keys Fine Art Photographs.

Aqua ocean water in a cove as a scene for a Key West Photography Gallery
"Aqua Cove" - A Limited Edition print of 100 of sunrise over a cove in the Florida Keys. Click on Photo to Purchase

What Makes a Good Arts Scene?

How would you define a good art scene? What are the important factors that would indicate a city or community supports artists and their talents? Certainly, there needs to be a good number of galleries and other events where an artist can display his/her work.

There also needs to be avenues for funding as well as other resources for the artist. And, in an ideal world, the community should encourage cultural interaction among artists who have different backgrounds and points of view. A good arts scene is one where artists are willing to encourage and support each other.

The Key West arts scene is definitely a good one. It is known for attracting a variety of artists, writers, painters, sculptors, and others. Key West is home to galleries that specialize in Caribbean art as well as the work of local artists.

The Key West arts community is known for supporting both emerging and established artists. With the support of the community, the artists can grow and connect with one another. This creates an atmosphere that will allow the artist and the community to network with each other which is simply a win-win for all.

Mangrove reflecting in still water at sunset as a print for a Key West Photo Gallery
"Mangrove Reflection" - A Limited Edition print of 100 of a mangrove reflecting in the calm water at sunset. Click on Photo to Purchase

The Top Key West Art Galleries

Key West is the home to numerous galleries that showcase the work of local as well as non-local artists. If you were in Key West, you might ask yourself: “What art galleries are near me in Key West?” Some examples that might appear:

Key West Duval Street Art Galleries: Duval Street runs from northwest to southeast in downtown Key West. It is just over a mile in length. You will find numerous attractions from the Ernest Hemingway home to museums to hotels and the Conch Train tour. There are numerous galleries on the street showcasing the work of talented artists. Some well-known galleries include the Gingerbread Square Gallery, the Gallery on Greene, and the Key West Art Center. A few galleries are noted below:

Wyland Gallery Key West: Owners Jay Shaffer and Guy Vincent have 55 years of experience in the art world. They work with first-time artists as well as experienced artists.

The Gallery on the Greene: this gallery is known for providing outstanding services that will help art collectors build a collection that will play an important role in their home decor.

Key West Gallery: this gallery opened in 2006 and represents many internationally published artists from around the world. They have a vast selection of fine art ranging in diverse styles and genres.

Two palm trees on a beach as a print for a Key West Gallery
"Two Palms" - A Limited Edition print of 100 of two plam trees at sunrise in Key West. Click on Photo to Purchase

The Best Key West Fine Art Photography Galleries

As a fine art landscape and wildlife photographer, I am particularly interested in the work of fine art photographers. Both Gallery on the Greene and Key West Gallery, listed above, feature fine art photography. But there are other landscape photographers who have galleries in Key West.

Another well-known fine art photography gallery found in Key West is the Peter Lik Gallery – Key West. This gallery, considered one of the best in Florida, is a great place to view amazing photography.

Another gallery to add to your Best Fine Art Photography galleries in Key West is the DE LA Gallery on Duval Street. This gallery specializes in large format, coastal, seaside, and landscape fine art photography.

Alan Maltz is also a well-known fine art photographer. He has spent over 4 decades creating Florida-inspired images. He oversees all aspects of his business and continues to create new fine art photographs.

Sunset over the old Bahia Honda bridge as a print for a Key West Photo Gallery
"Bahia Honda Sunset" - A Limited Edition print of 100 of sunset at the old Bahia Honda bridge. Click on Photo to Purchase

The Role of Key West Art Galleries

Art Galleries play an important role in the Key West art scene and in the arts as a whole. They provide a place for artists to showcase their work as well as sell their work. Art galleries can also function as cultural arts centers. The public can be educated about art or, can also simply appreciate the art displays. In short, art galleries help educate the public as well as promote the work of artists.

Eight palm trees in a row in the Florida Keys for a Key West Gallery
"Eight Palms" - A Limited Edition print of 100 of morning light on eight palm trees. Click on Photo to Purchase

Key West – Other Arts Venues – Festivals

Key West is also home to several art festivals. Two examples are:

Key West Songwriters Festival: is an annual festival. It includes established artists as well as newcomers. There are live performances as well as workshops and panel discussions.

Key West Art and Historical Society’s Old Island Days: the Key West Art and Historical Society is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to preserving and promoting the art and history of Key West. Old Island Days is traditionally held in January or February. It has a variety of events from parades to art exhibits to food and craft vendors.

A panoramic view of mangroves at sunset for a Key West Photography Gallery
"All Lined Up" - A Limited Edition print of 100 of sunset colors over a group of mangroves in a line. Click on Photo to Purchase

The Importance of Key West Galleries

Art festivals play an important role in promoting Key West’s art scene. The art galleries also play a role. Whether the art displayed is a painting, a fine art photograph, a sculpture, or another art form, the galleries provide a platform for artists to showcase their work.

Key West galleries support artists by increasing their visibility and helping them reach a wider audience. The Key West galleries are an important part of the Key West arts scene as they work together to support the various artists and create a stronger arts community.

Key West fine art photography galleries give you, the art collector, an opportunity to view amazing and awe-inspiring photographs up close and in person. When in Key West, you should take time to visit some of the art galleries. Until you can do so, please view some of my Florida Keys fine art prints found on my website.

A dramatic view of sunrise storm clouds and lightning for a Key West Gallery
"Arc Light" - A Limited Edition print of 100 of a distant lightning strike at sunrise in the Florida Keys. Click on Photo to Purchase

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