Miami Florida Photography Galleries and Miami Art Scene

Sunrise in the Everglades near Miami, Florida
"Everglades Colors" - A Limited Edition print of 100 of early morning in the Everglades. Click on Photo to Purchase

Finding Fine Art Photography Wall Art for Miami Homes

When you hear people talk about Miami, Florida what thoughts come to your mind? Do you think about the TV show Miami Vice which included scenes of the Art Deco district with its vibrant colors? What about photos of scenic beaches and blue waters with palm trees dotting the beach? Or the ever-evolving skyline with its skyscrapers? Or, do you think about the vastness of the Everglades?

It is obvious that Miami is a diverse city with an emphasis on the outdoors. This is reflected in much of the artwork found in Miami galleries. Miami is home to many art galleries that showcase the work of local artists as well as international artists as they promote the beauty and diversity of the area.

panoramic view of sunrise in Key West, Florida
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The Top Fine Art Galleries of Miami

If you wish to add fine art landscape photography to your home’s décor that emphasizes the beauty of Miami and the surrounding Florida landscapes, then an art gallery in Miami would be a perfect place to visit.
You could begin by Googling “Miami art galleries near me” and several outstanding galleries would be listed such as:

Lik Fine Art Gallery Miami: located on Miami Beach's popular outdoor mall, Lincoln Road Mall. It is perfectly positioned in-between stylish boutiques and outdoor dining establishments. You will find stunning fine art pieces here.

The Wynwood Arts District: has over 75 exhibition spaces; from warehouses and fine art galleries. You will find contemporary fine art and opportunities for art tours. They also sponsor art festivals and events during the year.

The Bass: is Miami Beach well known contemporary art gallery. They showcase artists that reflect the international spirit of the Miami area.

Visiting galleries such as these would give you ideas and insights as to the kind of wall art you might want for your home or office.

Sunrise over the ocean near Miami, Florida
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Defining the Miami Fine Art Photography Style

If you wanted to create a Miami-Style home décor, what elements would you consider? What pieces of wall art would you want to choose to create a Floridian ambiance in your home?

Miami and Florida photography is known for its stunning beach and coastal scenes with colorful sunrises and sunsets. Florida landscape photography captures the beauty of the sunrises and sunsets over the beaches and coastal waters. The Florida skies are magnificent with various shades of blues and gold-yellow tones.

But beaches and sunrises are not the only subjects to make interesting wall art photos. The Overseas Highway was built in 1938 using many of the old railway bridges as a base with the roadway on top of them. There are 42 bridges and the 7-mile bridge is the most famous. Landscape photography of the Florida Keys often involves pictures of sunsets over the beaches and capturing photos of piers and bridges such as the Bahia Honda Bridge at Sunset.

Sunrise storm off the Gulf Coast of Florida
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Miami Home Décor and Wall Art

Miami-style homes are often decorated with bold and bright colors. The outdoors is very central to life in Miami. Wall art always plays an important part when decorating a home as wall art helps to create the mood and tone of the room. Tropical and coastal influences would be important in a Miami home décor design plan. Miami-inspired wall art is vibrant and full of character.

When it comes to wall art…. the question is: what wall art theme would be appropriate for a Miami Florida home? Certainly, there are several themes the homeowner could consider.

Coastal-themed wall art: Miami and Florida are known for their beaches. There are picturesque piers and miles of white sand. You can use wall art that showcases Florida lighthouses. This style of fine art photography is used to bring a sense of the beach life inside your home.

Tropical-themed wall art: this is artwork that features scenes of palm trees, bamboo, and colorful flowers such as Hibiscus. Due to its warm climate, you will find many colorful flowering plants that call Miami their home. They are often subjects of fine art photography. Some examples are Bougainvillea and Bird of Paradise.

Bold/colorful-themed wall art: there is nothing subtle about the landscape of Miami and the surrounding Florida area. Bright and bold colors are found in Miami photographs and paintings. Vibrant reds, oranges, and blues replaced muted colors in Miami wall art. They capture the energy of the area.

Sunset over the old Bahia Honda Bridge near Key West Florida
"Bahia Honda Sunset" - A Limited Edition print of 100 of sunset at the Bahia Honda bridge in the Florida Keys. Click on Photo to Purchase

Visiting Miami Art Galleries to Find Wall Art

You could be a homeowner looking for wall art for your home décor. Or, perhaps you are a fine art collector. It does not matter. The advantage of viewing fine art in a gallery is that it gives you the opportunity to view amazing paintings and photographs up close. Fine art photographs seen in these galleries can showcase the beauty of the Miami area. If in the area, you should take the time to visit some of the Miami art galleries. Until you can do so, please view some of my Florida fine art prints found on my following pages.

Everglades National Park

Florida Sunrises and Sunsets

Florida Gulf Coast

Sunset over mangroves reflecting in calm water near Key West, Florida
"Mangrove Reflection" - A Limited Edition print of 100 of a mangrove relfecting in the water at sunset. Click on Photo to Purchase