Decorating Las Vegas Homes with Landscape Photography

Mountains, Deserts, Canyons and Rivers For Your Home Decor

Would you like to add a bit of Las Vegas glitz to your life? Just exactly what is Las Vegas home decor style and how would you achieve it?

Las Vegas (now often known simply as “Vegas”) is Nevada’s economic center and largest city. Its metropolitan area contains roughly ¾ of the state’s population (675,592). Within the city is The Bellagio—one of the largest hotels in the country, with more than 5,000 rooms, and one of the most expensive hotels ever constructed—the total cost to build the Bellagio was $1.6 billion dollars.

Las Vegas’s historic core lies at a site once occupied by marshes, freshwater springs, and grassy meadows. The modern-day city sprawls across a broad, arid valley at an elevation of roughly 2,000 feet and its glitzy Vegas strip, golf courses and artificial lakes are in sharp contrast to the tawny desert that surrounds it. That is what makes Las Vegas style and decorating so fascinating.

"Twenty Mule Team Canyon" - A Limited Edition print of 100 of the mosaic of colors in Death Valley - Click on Photo to Purchase

Las Vegas Style: Choosing Wall Art Landscape Photography

Las Vegas style is recognized as being bold and sophisticated… it is rich and flavorful. You will see lush textures; posh accents with an emphasis on Southwestern style.

Your Las Vegas home décor could be a rich palette of colors with emerald, sapphire, and gold or, a more modern minimalist décor approach using southwestern earth tones that emphasize the surrounding landscapes such as what you see in photographs of Red Rock Canyon which is 15 miles west of Vegas.

"Red Rock Canyon" - A Limited Edition print of 1-- of Red Rock Canyon after a rare snowfall - Click on Photo to Purchase

Establish your Vegas Style and Theme when Choosing Southwestern Fine Art Photography

Determining your style and theme when choosing fine art photography for your interior Vegas décor takes some thought. Do you want photographs and furniture to have a cooler, sophisticated vibe to them, or do you prefer a warmer and cozier ambiance? Do you prefer modern or contemporary or what about traditional or perhaps a farmhouse-style home? You should use a style or theme such as a southwestern color palette that pulls your artwork together and not create a jumble of rooms competing with each other.

"The Owens River" - A Limited Edition print of 100 of snow-capped mountains over the Owens River - Click on Photo to Purchase

Abstract art

One home décor option using Las Vegas and southwestern fine art photos is to use abstract art pictures with the desired color palette. Abstract art is very popular. These kinds of photographs emphasize clean lines and strong geometry. The artwork is unfussy and the colors are neutral.

Abstract art that uses the earth tones can be a great addition to your Las Vegas-style home interior decorating plans. What stands out in abstract art photography are the patterns… the lines that can be found within the subject matter. For example, the photo below of White Sands National Park which is 203 miles southeast of Las Vegas, is an example of a neutral-colored southwestern abstract fine art photograph that could be a focal point in a contemporary living room.

"Desert Layers" - A Limited Edition print of 100 of an abstract photograph of layers in sand dunes - Click on Photo to Purchase

Another nearby Las Vegas day trip is Death Valley. The parched mud cracks when photographed up close create the perfect dramatic elements of an abstract art photograph that you could display in a Las Vegas home with modern-style décor.

The Death Valley abstract photograph would fit perfectly in a minimalist style of décor where the space is clear, functional, and uncluttered. It is bold… just as Las Vegas is…. and captures the eye of the viewer.

"All Cracked Up - A Limited Edition print of 100 of the abstract mud cracks in Death Valley - Click on Photo to Purchase

Your Home Interior Design Plan – Using Fine Art Landscape Photography to Pull it Together

In spite of the turbulent pandemic years, the furniture market size is expected to show 5.4% CAGR from 2021 to 2027. More and more home furnishing customers are buying via eCommerce.

According to a Houzz survey, more than half of homeowners (55%) plan to renovate in 2022, and nearly half (46%) plan to decorate. Homeowners are looking to spend more on decorating but due to rising costs, it is very important to have an overall home decorating plan.

Southwestern fine art photography can help to pull the room together – can tie the colors and/or style together. Fine art landscape photography is more than a picture hanging on the wall…. It can complete the feel of your room and makes a lasting statement.

"Monument Valley Sunrise" - A Limited Edition print of 100 of a perfect sunrise at Mounument Valley, Arizona - Click on Photo to Purchase

Las Vegas Photography Day Trips

Las Vegas has a well-deserved reputation as the western capital of entertainment with its shows and casinos. It is also very special for another reason. It is centrally located to many of the most beautiful locations and landscapes in the southwestern United States. Less than a day’s drive can take you to any of the following locations:

  • Red Rock Canyon – 15 miles west
  • Death Valley NP – 111 miles west
  • Eastern Sierra Mountains – 250 miles west
  • Snow Canyon – 120 miles north
  • Valley of Fire SP – 45 miles north
  • Grand Canyon NP – 280 miles east
  • Zion NP – 165 miles northeast
  • Bryce Canyon NP – 260 miles northeast
  • Slot Canyons of Page, AZ – 270 miles northeast
  • Monument Valley – 390 miles northeast
  • Mojave Desert – 140 miles south

Many of these are desert landscapes, which fit perfectly as photography art for Las Vegas homes. My Landscape Galleries contain many photographs taken at these beautiful parks and canyons. If you are looking for southwestern landscape fine art photography, I am certain you will find a fine art print that would make a fine addition to your home. Please contact me if you have further questions.

"Moran Morning" - A Limited Edition print of 100 of a beautiful sunrise from Moran Point in the Grand Canyon - Click on Photo to Purchase
"Winter Sunset" - A Limited Edition print of 100 of a colorful sunset at Bryce Canyon in the winter - Click on Photo to Purchase

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