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You want to purchase a beautiful fine art landscape photograph that will be the focal point of your family room. Now What?

Congratulations on taking a step in your journey of becoming a fine art collector. The next step is to find the perfect Fine Art Landscape Print? The big question….. where do you start?

"Teton Morning" - Click on Photo to Purchase

Finding a Landscape Print at a Craft Fair or Local Art Show

If you are interested in purchasing landscape photography while enjoying the camaraderie of others, then a weekend art and craft fair would be a great place to go. Your city or county may have annual or semi-annual arts and crafts events where artists of all mediums – paint, sculpture, photography- can display their work.

One nice aspect of attending these fairs is that you can often talk to the artist and find out more about him/her and even consider becoming a collector of their work. There is something fun about strolling past various arts booths on a sunny day at an arts and crafts fair; mingling with the crowds: and stopping to chat with the artists. You can also see a variety of landscape styles and scenes… all in one morning.

"Mesa Arch Sunrise" - Click on Photo to Purchase

Brick and Mortar Art and Photography Galleries

Certainly, one option to find a fine art landscape print is to visit local Art Galleries to see what they have to offer. Depending on the gallery, they may sell other forms of fine art such as paintings and sculptures. If they have fine art photography, it will probably be limited to a few pieces from several different photographers. They may also display options for custom matting and framing, which you can view in person.

A Photography Gallery of an individual photographer will generally have more prints on the walls to see. However, most photographers, like myself, have hundreds of fine art images and the gallery is limited to a small sampling and what you are looking for may not be on the wall. The reality is that there are also very few individual Photography Galleries as they are mostly in a few high traffic areas of a select number of cities.

The main reason I do not have a physical gallery is the high cost of rent, salaries and other expenses which have to be passed on to the buyer in the form of higher prices for the artwork.

"St. Johns Sunset" - Click on Photo to Purchase

Purchasing from an Online Photography Gallery

The internet has created a world where finding and purchasing a fine art landscape print can be done from the comfort of your home and at a time convenient to you, the buyer. There is no sales pressure and there is unlimited time to view and reflect on what you want to purchase.

The most respected landscape photographers have spent time and effort on creating online galleries that are professional and mirror many of the customer-friendly aspects of brick-and-mortar galleries. Costs of a landscape print when buying directly from the online photographer are reduced as they do not have to pay for overhead or split the proceeds with online shopping hubs or online galleries such as Art.com

"Among The Aspens" - Click on Photo to Purchase

How to Find a Fine Art Landscape Photography Print using Google

Google is today’s primary source for searching the internet and you need to understand how to search in the most effective manner. You do not want to wade through page after page of websites that do not have what you want.

"Angel Oak Tree" - Click on Photo to Purchase

The Critical First Step: Determine Your Search Terms

Although this may seem like a no-brainer, it is very important to determine the subject of your landscape photograph. What are you looking for? Do you want a mountain landscape or are you looking for a print of a coastal location? If a coastal print, are you looking for a specific area such as The Atlantic or Oregon Coast?

The Google universe of landscape photography is broad and wide. To narrow down the search to find the best of the best, you need to use terms that would lead to a successful Google Search. For example, if you Google these three terms: “Landscape pictures” - “Landscape Photography” - “Landscape Fine Art Photography” you will see different results… some of which identify websites that are not what you are truly looking for.

There are some other terms that, if you use them, will elevate your search to more than just “pretty pictures of a sunset”. Here are some examples of Google Search Words to use showing how you could use specific words that would lead to finding outstanding fine art landscape photography galleries.

For example: “Sedona Landscape Photography” or “Bryce Canyon Fine Art Photography”

"Hoodoo Sunrise" - Click on Photo to Purchase

Purchasing From A National Retailer or Print On Demand Service

A Google search will often list names of national retailers (think Amazon or eBay) or Print On Demand Services such as Fine Art America or Art.com. See my Article titled Fine Art America Pros and Cons for more about these types of companies.

There are downsides to these sorts of photography websites. First, searching within their websites can can be frustrating at times due to the large volume of available prints, many of which are not high quality. Secondly, to provide the purchaser with inexpensive pricing, quality can be sacrificed to meet profit margins. The best landscape photographers do not tend to use these online outlets to sell their work.

"Twenty Mule Team Canyon" - Click on Photo to Purchase

Purchasing Direct from the Photographer

Instead, you could work with an individual professional online photographer who can offer you a stunning photograph at a cost-effective price. These photographs will be unique and are often limited-edition prints. These purchases are much more of an investment than an purchase from a mass seller.

"Road Below" - Click on Photo to Purchase

How to Select a Professional Online Landscape Photographer

So, you have found a website that has a print you would like to purchase. You need to view the website and ask yourself these questions: Does the online photographer:

  • Have an online gallery that is easy to navigate and understand?
  • Provide you with a search feature so you can search for a particular landscape scene?
  • Use the best digital equipment and share their photography philosophy with you?
  • Give you guidance on the correct size to purchase?
  • Offer professional framing such as the beautiful Roma Moulding Italian wood frames?
  • Offer high-end print styles such as Lumachrome® HD Trulife® Acrylic Prints?
  • Offer other options for printing than the standard print sizes found on their online gallery?
  • Provide you with a means to “visually” see how the landscape print will look in your home on your wall?
  • Appear to be willing to discuss your questions and answer them to your satisfaction?
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Why Purchase a Fine Art Landscape Print from Joseph Filer?

With all that in mind, the question remains: Why should you purchase a fine art landscape photograph from Joseph Filer?

The simple answer is this: My fine art photographs are the result of years of experimenting with photographic techniques and processes. I use the best digital camera equipment available and offer high-end framing and print options. That, combined with an eye for the essence of the true beauty of the landscape in front of my camera, has allowed me to create a gallery of stunning landscape photographs.

But great photography is not enough….. I also offer a strong commitment to you, the buyer. I am truly committed to providing outstanding customer service and will work with you every step of the way to make certain the end result is a fine art photograph that you will be able to proudly display in your home.

I look forward to hearing from you.

panoramic view of colorful clouds and white sand dunes at sunrise at Lido Key on the gulf coast of florida
"Gulf Coast Sunrise" - Click on Photo to Purchase

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